Ramones at Houston's Liberty Hall
Photo by Jack W. Minor ©1977
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Subject:   Greetings From Nashville
Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2001 23:35:29 -0500
From: psuperego@prismnet.com
Organization: nickel $ dime productions


I have just returned from an epic eleven day trip to that mythical land of guitars, cadillacs and hillbilly music:
Nash-Vegas, Tennessee.   Thanks to the undying patience and generosity of my most gracious hosts, I was able
to cram in more sightseeing and recreation than any rational human being could possibly imagine.  On my
worldwind tour of every noteworthy honky-tonk,  greasy spoon and tourist trap in the state I made the
acquaintance of some of the friendliest people and the prettiest women I've ever seen, but it is always great to be
home in the land of the Armadillo.    In my never ending search for the transcendent live music experience,  I
managed to cross paths with quite a wide spectrum of some of the world's finest entertainers.

Click here to check the
full itinerary and major highlights:

Tonight I am back in black at the cat on 6th for my hell-raising homies the Conrads and Emo's for the
all-powerful Dismukes. Thursday afternoon I make a triumphant return to the rock and roll softball field.  Later
Thursday, Superego's all-star reunion with the Stingers occurs under the glorious Texas sky at Momo's at 10

Sept. Calendar:

Sunday, Sept. 2:  Superego at Club Deville  9 pm
Friday, Sept. 7:   Superego at The Vibe w/TBA
Sunday, Sept. 9:  Superego at Opal Divineís 7 pm
Friday, Sept. 14:  Alterego at Waterloo Brewing 9 pm
Sunday, Sept. 16:  FREE FOR ALL:  Superego Birthday  Show with Sin Pelo

"It lasted while it was fun, now it's done..."

Date:  Wed, 27 Jun 2001 04:25:22 -0500
From: superego@prismnet.com
Organization:  nickel $ dime productions
To: cattal@stubbsbbq.com, agendamgnt@hotmail.com, fly@texas.net, michael_deville@yahoo.com,
witchbanger@hotmail.com, deeznutsxxx@hotmail.com, josef_s@yahoo.com, fwarner@texas.net

Friends of Red River,

Red Riverfest is officially on the calendar for November 9-10, 2001 at
Emo's, Beerland, Red Eyed Fly, Room 710,
Oceans Eleven, Stubb's, Atomic Cafe, Club Deville, and Le Privilege.

The ticket price has been set at $20 for a weekend pass to all
the clubs.  The price will drop to $10 on the final night.  Patrons can
also pay for shows separately at a variable cost.  Wristbands will be
used to avoid transfer scams.  We will advertise it as "100 acts, 8
stages, 2 nights."  There will be a compilation CD for sale at shows.

Negotiating sponsors are Bookmyband.com (for online services)
and Mars Music Superstore (for backline and p.a. support).

The event will be independently promoted and produced by a team of
investors that I have put together.  Red Riverfest promoters will  finance the
advertising, posters, tickets, merchandising and public relations
campaign.   Clubs will operate independendently and have their own talent budget and box office.
Red Riverfest will oversee advance sales and disburse profit funds to clubs and contractors.
Clubs will provide their own security for ID checking and crowd control.

Red Riverfest will contract with regular club staff whenever possible.
Bands will receive one free wristband per member good for the whole festival plus
one guest list name per band member good for that show only.

In the event a club needs to include a roadshow or top band with a
larger guarantee, we are counting on being able to work out special
arrangements to include these shows in the wristband value.  For
example, if a roadshow is added, the club operates its own
independent box office that night but agrees to allow a separate entrance
for festival wristband sales and admittance.  These numbers would be
tracked and the festival would settle with the club based on a
percentage.  Clubs will sell advance wristbands in-house and keep these profits to use against overhead.

This festival is intended as a mutually beneficial situation to
encourage harmony and cooperation among the establishments and talent
populating Red River, and to bring out a new group of fans who are
encouraged by the convenience and fun of having full access to all the
best music in one package deal.  We are all working together to cultivate the

It has been suggested that we plan a regular meeting schedule to discuss
logistics with the principals.  Future meetings will be over Sunday brunch.
Lineups and budgets will be finalized by Sept. 1.  Please RSVP to me
and if you can't make it,  please consider sending a representative from your bar.
I will moderate and try to keep the discussion focused on relevant matters.  We are all in
agreement that this idea is common property and will require cooperation
and a good faith effort to make it work.

This memo is also going in fax form to Woody at 710 and Randall at
Beerland who are presently off line.  Please feel free to reply to this
e-mail or contact me directly with any feedback or questions.


Paul Minor

Subject:  Rip Wimberley
Date:  Thu, 05 Jul 2001 17:49:27 -0500
From: superego@prismnet.com
 Organization:  nickel $ dime productions
To: foz1359@colla.com, steve@continentalclub.com


The Continental Club has expressed interest in having Rip Wimberley play in September
at their two Texas locations on the bill with Houston Blues legend Joe Washington.
Willie's Blues band bassist Mr. Blond has been recruited for the rhythm section.

I will drop off the CD for Steve and Brad this weekend.  Say hi to cousin Rip for me.


Foster wrote:

   Did you have a chance to drop the "Rip" cd off with Mr 1st? I emailed him today and mentioned that you
   might do just that. Also told of the comparison with RL Burnside (I still have no clue who that is) in the
   Statesman, only to find out RLB is playing that very club Fri nite. So, how do ya like dem apples? I'm ready for
   a rode trip. So is Mr Rip. Mange

Subject:  Business Plan Revision
Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2001 04:19:07 -0500
From:  superego@prismnet.com
Organization: nickel $ dime productions
To:  fwarner@texas.net

Red Riverfest clubs and investors,

I am thinking that we should lose the Thursday show for the Red
Riverfest October 26 - 27 and instead add daytime Saturday shows on the
outdoor stages.  This will appeal to the crowd that doesn't do the late
night thing and will make the administration much easier.

The box office system could also be simplified.    The wristbands can be
printed up a month in advance and divided amongst the clubs.  The club
can keep the money from advance wristband sales to put against their
operating budgets for the festival.   The club should name a figure for
what they need to cover the door crew, stage and talent for the weekend
and request that number of wristbands.  Then we put up the posters in
the clubs, the clubs sell advance wristbands, we publicize it in all
available media and the festival pays for itself.  When advance
wristbands sell out, more are provided to be sold at the door the night
of the show until the shows are sold out.

This way, Red Riverfest will pay for the wristbands and the promotional
campaign but makes no guarantees to talent.  Red Riverfest promoters
will sell wristbands through other outlets to offset our marketing
costs.    We are making a compilation CD and a website.  We are
purchasing advertising space and gaining unpaid coverage in local and
statewide publications as well as arranging promotional appearances by
the artists on all commercial and non-commercial local radio and cable

I decided I do not want to make ANY guarantees to bands.  Clubs can book
name acts and make their own guarantees as long as they agree to
wristband sales going against their overhead.   It will also make it
easy to keep track of how many wristbands have sold.

It's a cooperative effort between bands, clubs, media and promoters.

Hold the dates, tell me what bands you want on the bill and I will work out the schedule by the
end of August, bring the wristbands by and put up some groovy
posters by the end of September.

Please share your thoughts on this formula.

Here's a few acts that have been discussed so far:

Beaver Nelson
Dixie Witch
Grand Champeen
Ian Moore
Golden Arm Trio
Lil' Cap'n Travis
The Stingers
Orange Mothers
Daniel Johnston
Ted Roddy
Alice Spencer
Jane Bond
The Tinys
Drama Queen
Prescott Curlywolf
Walter Tragert
Mike Nicolai
Jon Dee Graham
Darin Murphy
Sexy Finger Champs
The Conrads
The El Orbits
Sons of Hercules
American People
Godzilla Motor Company
Cotton Mather
Young Heart Attack
Trail of Dead
Wan Santo Condo
Butthole Surfers
Emily's Karaoke showcase featuring Jackie Pepper
Ramones 1977 Slide Show (see attached sample)
Rock Opera Reunion

Subject:  Questions
Date:  Mon, 2 Jul 2001 00:17:48 -0500
From:  godzilla@uti.com
To:  superego@prismnet.com

Hi Paul,

OK, so I finally rented Miss Congeniality and looked carefully.  Didn't I
hear that the Argyles were in that movie?  The question is, weren't YOU in
there somewhere?  But I didn't see you!  I looked and looked and paused and
rewound, but nothing!  Am I blind?

Hey, I just got back from the All American Music Fest in Berwyn.  Ever been
there?  We saw Billy Joe Shaver (said he and his band were from Austin,
heard of him?) and Jesse Tayler.  Also saw Alejandro Escovedo (got him to
sign my copy of the So What? CD!).  So anyway, now I have to get *you* to
sign it also!!

Sorry to bug you.  It's just that all of this good Texas music made me
think of you.

E ya later,

Subject:  Re: Questions
Date: Mon, 02 Jul 2001 03:16:55 -0500
From:  superego@prismnet.com
Organization:  nickel $ dime productions
To:  godzilla@uti.com

I have answers:

Argyles worked on the movie for a full 12 hour day.   104 degrees outdoors,
Bastrop country club, white tuxes, 20 takes of super freak, union scale.

After test screenings, the whole story line about her character's father's
wedding was edited out.

In other news, I retired from the argyles and started my own cover band called
alterego and we are playing similar functions.

I am also nearing my masters degree in human resource management.

We jammed some blues with Ian Moore tonight at Hole in the wall.  We went toe to toe on some ironic blues leads.   Daniel
Johnston was at our show last night at La Zona Rosa.

Here's a picture of the attractions taken in 1977 from a family slide

"Gabba Gabba Hey."

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