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New Orleans 10-31-02



The Hole in the Wall Gang was invited to honor the venerated Austin nightspot with a 45 minute all-star review at the 2003 Music Awards in March, broadcast live on KNVA Cable 54 and ACAC Cable Channel 16.  The band consisted of Andrew Duplantis, Matt Hubbard, Darin Murphy, Scrappy Jud Newcomb, Paul Minor and Ted Roddy with vocals by Jane Bond, Larry Seaman, Barbara K, Beaver Nelson, Troy Campbell, Jeff Johnston, and a guest appearance by Fastball, who debuted two new songs.

Download Fastball's "Our Town" MP3
and read Music Awards Reviews here.

The most uplifting news on the immediate horizon is the impending reopening of the Hole in the Wall in May.  Superego is penciled in to begin hosting the Rock and Roll Free For All every Sunday starting May 18, 2003.   The marquee at the Hole now reads "HOLE IN THE WALL RIDES AGAIN."  Here's a great portrait of the place. is officially online and the live audio production calendar is busy.   I run sound every Friday at Jupiter Records Instore Performances.  In January, I recorded a live album with Fastball at Jupiter and it is selling well on their ongoing 2003 acoustic tour.  Read some reviews and order it here.

A live bootleg album of 25 Austin artists performing Bob Dylan songs was recorded at Jupiter last Friday.   The CD includes Superego, Beaver Nelson, Miles Zuniga and Will Sexton. The master CD is being delivered to Dylan in coming weeks, and is already circulating locally on CD-R.   I also saw 2 incredible Dylan shows this weekend at the Backyard.  Here are the setlists of 5 Dylan shows I have seen since1986, plus one that I watched from outside City Coliseum in 1991, and one that was my brother Jack's last concert at the Music Hall in 1996.   The next mandatory musical icon shows in my calendar are Willie at Stubb's May 7, 8, and 9 and Neil Young and Crazy Horse at Willie's July 5 picnic.

Alterego is also booked frequently through the upcoming summer at parties and functions.  The latest lineup includes multi-instrumentalist Matt Hubbard.  Matt is my new housemate who also plays with Jane Bond and Fastball, and records with Willie Nelson.  He produced the Grammy-nominated Rainbow Connection album, which was voted one of Willie's top 10 releases by Texas Music magazine.   Alterego is evolving into a big band,  recruiting secret weapon saxophonist Marcus Cardwell from Gnappy, as well as the original pianist, our miracle girl, Rebecca Gatchell,  who has returned after a full recovery from a near-fatal electrocution accident.  With Matt also playing trombone and harmonica, we are rehearsing as an orchestra with horn arrangements and lots of keyboards.

I was officially hired on in March at SIMS Foundation as Public Relations and Event Coordinator.   My part time office hours are Tue. and Wed. 11-5.  We are conceiving a big annual event that will involve members of the Austin Music Awards Hall of Fame.

This Sunday, April 27, the Alamo Drafthouse presents the debut screening of "Walking the Crooked Mile," a locally produced documentary film about Austin musicians, featuring Mike Rosenthal and Darin Murphy, among many others. Box office proceeds benefit SIMS Foundation. 1:15pm and 2:45 pm, $6 donation, 409 Colorado, 476-1320. Read a Chronicle Review here.

Genius guitarist and video artist Adam Bork has returned from a 3 year New York residency to resume playing locally as a solo artist and with his all-star multi-media extravaganza "The Earthpig and Stinkpot Show."  See him solo at Flipnotics on Thursday.

Afer watching the Chixie Dick's interview of 4/24/03 on ABC, I am astonished at the conventional wisdom of the media that the protesters were wrong because we won the war and 70% of Americans support the President.  What a whitewash.   Has freedom of speech ever been so marginalized?  God bless Natalie Maines and her wide open mouth.   As Michael Moore said at the Oscars "Mr. President, if the pope and the Dixie Chicks are against you, you haven't got a chance."

I made a vow not to succumb to the temptation of the feast of high-tech gadgets being force fed to my easy-target demographic in these modern times of planned obsolescence.  The controlling corporate media have done their homework and have every thirty-something post-baby boomer convinced that life isn't worth living without a designer cell phone, a tree-strangling SUV, a digital television recorder, a music-pimping i-pod, a bit-chomping cable modem, and a DVD player.  I've survived this far without all these modern trappings, and I have yet to fall prey to their machinations.  However, last night the new housemate brought home a 40 dollar DVD player from Wal-Mart, and it's like a whole new wonder world of entertainment around here.  I got a Rust Never Sleeps disc from Jupiter and watched it tonight with my stereo monitors cranked, and it was easily the most satisfying entertainment experience next to a live concert that I have ever known.  This film is an awe-inspiring work of soaring set design and sound.   Besides the thundering hooves of Crazy Horse, the brilliant staging is a tour de force of imagination, full of lo-fi surprises like giant amps and roadcases, flying organs, and jawa-inspired "Road-eyes."  The editing by Mr. Shakey himself is a minimalist masterpiece.

Then again, the Jack Minor slideshow featuring the Ramones, Springsteen, Muddy, Clapton, Costello, Rockpile, Talking Heads, Yes and more is just as thrilling when you project it big as life and crank up the soundtrack.  Watch for that juggernaut to arrive at Jupiter in coming weeks.  Here's a sample shot from Houston's Liberty Hall 1977.

Date:   Sun, 11 May 2003 02:01:59 -0700
From:  paul minor <>
To:     Matt Allen - Hole in the Wall General Manager
CC:   JD Torian, Clay McLaughlin and all Owners of Austin's Pizza
CC:   Austin's Top Music Professionals

Dear Matt,

Nice to meet you, and welcome to Austin.   I know you are extremely busy trying to get the place open and
there is a lot of distracting information flying at you from all corners.   I want to make sure I am not subtle
with this so I know that you and the owners get this request clearly.   You represent a refreshing and important

challenge for all of us to get our feet back in the door after all these years.   Friends of the Hole, feel free to
chime in on this.


1.  The Hole in the Wall has a reputation that is obviously important to you or you would not have bothered to
secure the name.  Paul Minor is a large part of that reputation.

2.  Paul Minor and Superego played every Sunday at the Hole for over 6 years.  The Rock and Roll Free For
All introduced Austin to hundreds of new bands.

3.  Free For All house band Superego is made up of some of Austin's best musicians, and many more of
Austin's finest show up regularly to jam with them.  The Free For All turned the Hole into the musician's town

4.  Paul Minor is a professional sound man with a Masters Degree in Public Relations.  He has been
production manager for Hard Rock Cafe, Dick Clark's Bandstand Grill, Texas Music Saloon, Hole in the
Wall, Electric Lounge, SIMS Foundation and many more businesses.  He makes a living producing events.

5.  The Free For All turned the slowest night of the week into the busiest by emphasizing variety, quality, and
spontanaiety.  All genres of music, all kinds of people, all fun, and all for free.

6.  Superego has 4 acclaimed original albums and knows more covers than any band in town, including tunes
by Neil Young, Bob Dylan, The Who, the Clash, The Band, Big Star, Willie Nelson, The Kinks, The
Replacements, Velvet Underground, Doug Sahm and the list grows weekly.

7.  Paul Minor produced and hosted the Hole in the Wall's most oversold shows ever:   The Who tribute, the
Disco tribute, The Willie Nelson tribute and the biggest show ever at the Hole - the Last Waltz tribute.

8. Spoon, Fastball, Damnations, Li'l Cap'n Travis, Scabs, Grand Champeen and many more of Austin's top
bands played some of their first gigs at the Free For All.  Paul Minor also produced two
Free For All compilation CDs, one was released my ZZ Top's management company.

9.  The Austin Chronicle Music Awards asked Paul Minor to produce and host an all-star tribute to the Hole
in the Wall at the 2003 Awards Show in March at SXSW.  The people of Austin voted Paul Minor into the
Texas Music Hall of Fame in 2002.

10.  Minor Productions has over 1000 current addresses in its e-mail address book and a full calendar of
events on its website.   Paul Minor is on a first name basis with practically every musician, music journalist,
talent agent, and music professional in Austin.   Paul Minor's references include the head of the Texas Music
Office Casey Monahan,  top club owners Steve Wertheimer, Bob Woody, Randall Stockton and Tim
O'Connor,  Talent Managers Wayne Nagel and Jan Mirkin,  Head of SXSW Brent Grulke, Texas Music
Magazine publisher Stewart Ramser, Owner of Austin City Limits Festival Charles Attal, Original Hole in the
Wall Owner Doug Cugini, News 8 Austin's Andy Langer and Austin Chronicle music editor Raoul

I'm glad to get this off my chest.  Let's get back to work, friends.

At your service,

Paul Minor

Subject: November 8th
Date:  Fri, 18 Apr 2003 11:09:01 -0700
From: paul minor <>
 Organization: nickel $ dime productions


We learn songs quite often for weddings, and we love Van Morrison.   At our
last wedding in San Antonio we learned Tiny Dancer by Elton John and it was
real fun.

Everyone in our band is an experienced professional and we have played some
major stages in town such as Austin Music Hall, La Zona Rosa and Stubb's, so we
would look forward to working with this venue on the production details.  I am
also a sound engineer, so I understand their concerns.   The production details
of your reception will be in good hands.

take care,


Subject: Free For All
Date:  Fri, 18 Apr 2003 11:09:01 -0700
From: paul minor <>
 Organization: nickel $ dime productions

I have been told the new Hole in the Wall will be reopening first week
of  May and we are penciled in for first Free For All May 11 or 18.
Please mark your calendars and plan to be part of the new weekly regime.

See you at the hole,


Subject: SONG LIST
Date:Fri, 11 Apr 2003 14:59:16 -0700
From:paul minor <>
 Organization: nickel $ dime productions
To:Freddy Warner <>


Looks like fun, these are great choices.   I would recommend getting a
compilation  CD together as soon as possible, I can help you burn it if the
technology curve at your place is an obstacle.  I can circulate the CD to
the band and we can start listening, i can also help make some charts.
This will be a great band.

have a great weekend, see you soon.


Freddy Warner wrote:

> Paul:
> Here is the direction in which I would like to take the "Sleazy
> Influence Peddlers," whether in time for May 31 and June 2, or later.
> If possible, two guitars and sax, with keys, preferred.
> A little more harder edge, garage/soul sound, late 70's English "pub
> rock," pretty raw, and a little more upbeat, with interesting segues
> from one song to another in some cases:
> Exs.
> Graham Parker and The Rumor's versions of Aretha Franklin's (Don
> Covay's)"Chain of Fools," Jackson 5's " I Want You Back," and The
> Trammps "Hold Back The Night."

Subject: hey paul,
Date:Thu, 24 Apr 2003 08:46:30 -0500

hey paul,

we received many complements on the band at the wedding.  thanks so much for playing that night.  i
hope you guys had a good time too.  also, could you please remove me from your mailing list?

thanks again.

Subject: Scott Biram's Address
Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2003 14:59:58 -0500

Hey Scott Biram Fans and Friends!

Scott has a nasty infection in his right leg where the multiple compound factures are. He's back in Brook
Army Medical Center in San Antonio for several more surgeries on the leg. I spoke with him last night and
he's in fairly good spirits. He asked me to put the word out that he would really appreciate any (snail) mail.
Even if you don't know Scott personally, it would help his morale to send him a card, letter, or anything to him.

I want to thank everybody who asks me about Scott's health. He misses the outside word terribly. I think he
yearns for attention from more like-minded folks than the army doctors and nurses he depends on right now.
So, please consider sending him mail, even a postcard, to Scott's parents address below:

Scott Biram
101 Curva Bonita
Wimberly, TX  78676

Thanks again!
-Lauren Fogel

Subject:  holey shit
Date: Mon, 28 Apr 2003 23:03:23 -0700
 Organization: nickel $ dime productions

I will call you today about a walk through.  I saw the marquee and I am
getting excited.  How is it looking?   Anyway,  I decided to give you
some unprovoked booking recommendations.  Some of these are under the
radar but definite 100% winners for the club.  I will put them on free
for alls so you can check them out.  I am sure we are on the same page
on all these.

Pong - Sells out 710 regularly, has members of pocket fishrmen and ed hall, great dance music.
Moonlight Towers - Great guitar pop band ala oasis, rem, wilco
Conrads - Doug Sahm meets Neil Young meets Grateful Dead - they have an awesome texas sound
Sarah Sharp - Jazzy Pop, smoking vocalist
Adam Bork (formerly earthpig)  good friend of Kevin and Conrad, absolutely unbelievable, solo or trio.
Tucker Livingston - won the AMF grant contest
SIS Deville - all girl southern rock band with Shelley King and Floramay Holliday
Grand Champeen - Replacements, Clash, husker Du throwbacks
MacLemore Ave. - Stax dance band with big organ (happy hour?)
Ainjel Emme - she's a bad ass rocker chick with a cool band
Lacynica w/Slim Richey - jazz standards with a bluegrass legend and a sultry singer
Texas Mavericks/Nortons - Doug Sahm's back up band, Speedy, Mike Buck, Alvin Crow, Jon X Reed, nuff said...
Stingers - Old school rock steady soul and ska, very fun, infectious dance band

Jane Bond, Pocket Fishrmen, Beaver Nelson, Loose Diamonds, Chapparal, DB Harris,
Ted Roddy, Orange Mothers, Li'l Cap'n Travis, Darin Murphy, Two Hoots and a Holler,
Damnations, Gourds, Diamond Smugglers, Spoon, Fastball, Dale Watson, Soul Hat...

the steamboat bands, the vibe bands, typical momo's beginner bands,
emo-scenesters (just say no)

All these people will be calling for sure and I know you've got it
covered.  Let me know any way I can assist  you in making contacts.

These e-mails should also be on your list for free weekly listings:

As far as my reputation and the Rock and Roll Free For All, I have two
file cabinets full of print and broadcast media coverage generated by this
phenomenonal weekly show, but feel free to copy anything out of my
website and pass it on to the boss.  It's not about punk or garage or
jazz or hype, it's about community, and most of all, music.

Subject:  music awards
Date:  Mon, 28 Apr 2003 15:08:18 -0700
From:  paul minor <>
Organization:  minor productions
To:   corcoran <>


I was just re-typing your article on the Music Awards onto my website,
and I just wanted to tell you that it's a really lovely piece of
writing.  It captured the moment in a remarkably poignant way.  Your
writing is one of those Austin institutions like Two Hoots and the Hole
that keep Austin unique and special.  Have a great vacation, and I'll
see you at the Free For All in a few weeks.

Subject:   Re:  music awards
Date:    Mon, 28 Apr 2003 16:16:15 -0500
Organization:   Austin American-Statesman
References:    1

Thanks, Paul. Maybe one day I'll join you in the Hall of Fame.

Regards,  Michael

Austin Chronicle
March 21, 3002
A Reminder of What We Had


"The Hole in the Wall Gang" performance at the Chronicle Music Awards
served as an excellent reminder of what "smart growth" has taken away
from community real estate values. I seem to remember a time when there was a
rock and roll free-for-all. Great job, Mr. Minor, lovely show.


Todd Alan Smith

June 2002 update:

It's been a great year so far.

I graduated from St. Edward's in June on the dean's list with a Masters in Human Services Administration
and a state certification in conflict mediation.

I started a job in May as production manager and music director at the new Hard Rock Cafe on 6th St,
where I run sound and book shows 3 or 4 nights a week.

I am coordinating live music fundraisers for the SIMS Organization,
a non-profit agency providing mental health services for musicians.

I was inducted into the Texas Music Hall of Fame at the Austin Music Awards in March,
and later this year I will be celebrating 20 years in Austin music.

Paul Minor and the Superego All-Stars
celebrate the release of their 4th full-length CD Low Overhead
with a slew of summertime showcases:

Thursday, June 27 - Hard Rock Cafe 6th and San Jacinto
Superego All-Stars midnight champagne toast and all star jam w/Jane Bond Band
Friday, June 28 - Jupiter Records 41st and Red River
Superego All-Stars 6 pm In-store performance and CD signing
Friday, June 28 - The Pier on Lake Austin at Bee Caves and River Hills Rd.
Superego 10 pm with Quatropaw
Saturday, June 29 - Mercury Lounge 6th and Brazos
Superego 10 pm w /Grand Champeen, Prescott Curlywolf & Fivehead
Sunday, June 30 -  Hole in the Wall's Farewell Show
Superego 10 pm w/ Pocket Fishrmen and Sexy Finger Champs
Wednesday, July 2 - Saxon Pub Superego12 am w/ Kevin McKinney
Wednesday, July 10 - Beerland Superego w/TBA
Tuesday, August 27 - Club Deville - Superego and Colin Gilmore
Sunday, Sept. 1st - Beerland - Superego, Color and Tortilla Flats resurrect the Rock and Roll Free For All
Monday, Sept. 16 - Birthday party for Paul and Andrew at Ego's with Jane Bond
Tuesday, Sept. 17 - Club Deville - live band karaoke with Alterego All-Stars
Monday, September 20 - TBA - Paul Minor celebrates 20 years in Austin music

 Subject:   Superego sub gigs
 Date:  Thu, 13 Jun 2002 22:50:59 -0700 (PDT)

Wow. That's like a Broadway schedule... including the
matinee on Friday. I'm pretty sure I can do
everything, though I'm playing with Kacy at Steamboat
on Tuesday the 18th 'til 11:00pm or so. If you don't
start until 11:30 at Club DeVille, it might be OK.
 Charts & CD's would be welcome as well as some Red
Bull. Including one Paper Airplane gig and two Kacy
gigs, that'll give me 10 gigs in a week. But, for Paul
Minor, I'll give it a shot. I'll be out of town tomorrow but let's try to get
together on Saturday to wade through the tunes. If you
want to drop the CD off tomorrow, my new place is just north of Denson off of
Guadalupe. Give me a call on my cell phone and we'll work it out.


Subject:   Willie watches hole tribute
Date:  Tue, 02 Jul 2002 20:24:10 -0700

Pedernales Poo Poo    This is is a link to a Willie Nelson family tour diary with pictures of owen wilson in willie's new video,
and an entry about willie and family watching the hole in the wall willie tribute on video.

Subject:  Hard Rock Cafe
Date:   Thu, 13 Jun 2002 10:33:33 -0700 (PDT)

My dear Mr. Minor,

I am contacting you on behalf of Glamourpuss - the Ultimate 70's Glam Rock Experience regarding a booking
at the Hard Rock Cafe in Austin.

As I understand it, you have kindly offered Glamourpuss an opportunity to perform on an as yet to be
confirmed Thursday night.

Since you are aware of Glamourpuss' history, we can jump to a discussion of what information you need as far
as what Glamourpuss can offer the Hard Rock Cafe, and what the Hard Rock Cafe can offer Glamourpuss.
Specifically, what is the required duration of a performance, and what pay and/or perks are offered. Also, is
there specific load-in information.

Thank you in advance for your interest.


Lord Tidwell

Subject:  Re: hard rock
Date:  Fri, 14 Jun 2002 13:49:15 -0500

Paul Minor,
    Do you know a guy named Quinn Kroll? He went to UT for a while back in
the day. I saw him last night and the 1st time I met you you reminded me of
him. I went to LAmar with him during high school. Anyway, that must have
been like 93 when we met or slightly earlier. Jesus.
Yo, I guess I'm getting ready to gear the Conrads back up for action.
I've nearly completed a stack of demos for the guys to learn (with or
without Gerfers) and the material is strong. Perhaps a Hard Rock show in
August could be arranged? Let me know what the status of the gig is. Thanks,
bro and good to see you the other night. Those shows were a blast. -David

Subject:  Cd Feedback
Date:  Wed, 12 Jun 2002 20:33:34 -0500

Dear Paul,
Hello my name is Tanner Swain.  I spoke to you at Mar's Music during the MUuicians hook-up.  You spoke on the Austin booking scene, I thought it was a great evening.  I am writing cause I gave you a CD, you told me to e-mail you and remind you to listen to the CD.  I would just like a little feedback on the CD.  I am a fan of SuperEgo and I totally respect your input to the Austin scene.  I have been in Austin 4 years, I play with 3 different groups, nothing that has taken off.  But i also play Acoustic gigs.  Originals and Covers. I am no slouch, 20 years guitar, voice and I have a 120 songs writen.  In Austin I feel i am the odd man out(w/style, and substence)I feel my music is Not of the ordinary, and I truely try to carve my own path. I would love to play at the Hard Rock, can I send you a press pack? Any correspondence you could give me would be great.  I thank you for your time Pual. The CD i gave was Called "As Seen On TV" it has 5 songs on it.  Take CAre

Subject:  Old Pals from Louisiana......
Date:  Mon, 22 Apr 2002 13:34:54 -0700

     I am trying to reach one PAUL MINOR....which I believe from the pictures I've seen on the website is the
   same one I used to your not Paul reading this....PLEASE FORWARD......     ...... Paul,   Hey,
   you probably won't believe this, or maybe even remember me but here you go....   Do you remember living in
   Tallulah, La, way back when????  Well, if so you might remember me,  Donnie Wood....  we used to go to
   church together, ride skateboards and do other such stuff young guys around 10-11 do.   Well, here's why I'm
   writing.... I found out recently you are a musician and living around Austin. It freaked me out because I have
   also been a musician since graduating college way back when. I 've been playing bass proffessionally since
   then and have often been in Austin and also have many friends there that I'm sure you know.  I live in
   Oklahoma these days and have been hacking away at the music biz for quite some time may have
   even heard some of my songs if your familiar with any of the Okie bands known as "Red Dirt" that are doing so
   well these days in Texas.  Anyhow, long story short...I quit touring a few years back and recently got drawn
   back into it and have been working again out on the road, primarily down in Texas with the guy I'm playing with
   these days and I've heard your name in a few circles and then got some word from back home in La, that you
   were in Austin and doing well musically and I had to try and look you up and say....howdy!    I must say it is
   somewhat astounding to hear that an old friend is in the same line of work....and also living in an area I've
   been playing around for quite some time...and we never managed to meet back up.  Well, I hope you
   remember just who in the hey I am because I'd sure like to have the chance to catch up with you some time
   and see what you've been doing since and what crazy tales we could share about this music stuff we've been
   doing.    Anyway..... I was just hoping to make contact with you after all these years and finding out we both
   took a similar path. Hope to hear from you.....maybe we can catch up sometime the next time I doing some
   shows in your area....     Best Regards:  Donnie wood

Organization:  nickel $ dime productions
CC:  Stoney LaRue & the Organic Boogie Band <>

Hey Donnie,

Great to hear from you after all these years.  Tallulah was a real trip for a kid like me from Houston, and I have
kind of let a lot of the experience slip from my memory.   There was some weird energy in that town, as you
well know.  I do, however remember the great times you and I had building skate ramps, destroying toy trucks
and basically cruising around causing trouble.  Didn't you have some kind of gas-powered UFO that we
launched a few times?   I also recall you had a piano in your house that we made some effort to play, and your
dad (or stepdad?) gave me a Beatles greatest hits 8 track tape that I wore out.   It was kind of awkward dealing
with most of the friendships I tried to make in Tallulah,  my family's values were so foreign to the flat delta
mentality, but I remember that you and I got along great and were pretty tight for awhile.  A couple of outsiders
trying to get through the 'tweens.  It is no surprise that we both went into music.  I started my first band in
Austin in 9th grade and began playing in clubs at 16.  Along the way, some tallulah guys met up with me in
austin and we did some touring through the south in the late 80s, mike hicks and mike foster.  In '93 I joined a
band with some guys from california and we recorded a major label album in Memphis that never got put out.
Two guys who left that band started a new group called fastball and sold 2 million copies of their second
album.   My band superego is now working on our 4th album and we play local clubs to modest crowds.  I just
got a master's degree in human services administration and i am producing and promoting benefit concerts.
This week I am starting a weekly wednesday night series at the hard rock cafe in austin that benefits a local
organization called SIMS foundation that provides mental health services for musicians.  I am also one of the
most booked wedding singers in central texas, playing a couple of fancy private functions a month.  My part
time day job is delivering the local weekly culture rag, the chronicle.

I just received an honorary hall of fame award for my contributions to local music, I can definitely help if you
are interested in doing cool gigs in Austin.  Let's talk about it.  The e-mail thing is definitely the best way for us
to work it out.

Do you have any pictures on a website somewhere?  I hope to hear from you again soon.  Thanks for looking
me up.

take care,


Subject:  conan o'brian this friday!
Date:  Wed, 12 Jun 2002 16:36:36 -0500

hey everyone, it's jon....i'm going to be playing on the conan o'brian show this friday!!!!  it's with abra moore,
who i'm currently on tour with. please try and watch!!!   love to all,  jon s.

p.s. ok, here's two folks that shouldn't be in the same room! this photo was aken in Key West last week...
i'm worried about The Juice....he hasn't been himself lately.

Jon 'n' Juice in Key West

Subject:  Re: yes, it's real
Date:  Fri, 31 May 2002 01:59:45 -0700
 Organization:  nickel $ dime productions

that is absolutely unbelievable and bizarre.   i just can't believe it.  you
actually went to key west.  so who's the other dude?

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