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Sunday, Sept. 24 - FREE FOR ALL:  9 - Shane Bartell 10 - Household Names 11 - Superego 12 - Biscuit Boyz
Friday, Sept. 29 - MARS MUSIC SUPERSTORE:   8:30 - Superego
Sunday, Oct. 1 - FREE FOR ALL:  9 - Z is for Zillah 10 - Jimmy George 11 - Superego 12 - Grass
Sunday, Oct. 8 - FREE FOR ALL:  9 - Sarah Sharp  10 - Park Legend   11 - Superego  12 - Luke Williams
Sunday, Oct. 15 - FREE FOR ALL:  9 - Mike DuBose  10 - Bakin Brownies   11 - Superego  12 - Plum
Sunday, Oct. 22 - FREE FOR ALL:  9 - TBA   10 - Fantasmagordo  11 - Superego  12 - Prescott Curlywolf
Saturday, Oct. 28 - STUBBS:   8 - Superego   9 - TBA  10 - Fastball
Sunday, Oct. 29 - FREE FOR ALL:  9 - Household Names   10 - Playthings  11 - Superego  12 - TBA
Sunday, Nov. 12 - FREE FOR ALL  10 - Amberjack Rice11 - Superego 12 -TBA
Sunday, Nov. 19 - FREE FOR ALL:  11 - Superego 12 - Bedbug

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Here's a link to a nice Free For All review on Kris Pauls' website.
And a review of the Virgil Shaw appearance at the Free For All,

Subject:   Re: virgil press
Date: Tue, 01 Aug 2000 02:03:44 -0500
From:  Paul Minor <superego@prismnet.com>
Organization: Nickel $ Dime Productions
To:    star72@earthlink.net

Virgil opened with a furiously fingerpicked version of carving soap and had the standing room only crowd in the palm of his hand for the remainder of the 40 minute set, which included several haunting acoustic blues and waltzes in the tradition of Townes Van Zandt and Terry Allen, before  closing triumphantly on an upbeat  note with rollicking versions of volvo, poodle's ear and back to eureka backed by local musicians jeff johnston from orange mothers on bass, tony scalzo of fastball on drums, pedal steel player larry davis, and paul minor of superego on guitar.   Virgil noted that his mental picture of the landmarks of the American landscape includes the golden gate bridge, the statue of liberty and not much in between besides the legendary hole in the wall. Virgil also played a set of solo material and gave an interview on KUT radio later that night on Jeff Johnston's overnight program, before grabbing a couple
hours sleep and heading out early monday on a cross country road trip helping a friend move back to the bay area.   It was a great visit, but way too short.

"A long time local cover band has managed to get a part in the new Sandra Bullock vehicle Miss Congeniality starring William Shatner, Candice Bergen and Michael Caine and no, it's not the Scabs. I'm talking about the Argyles.  The band "socked" out a version of the Rick James hit "Super Freak" as the backdrop during a country club scene shot last week in town.  I'm going against conventional wisdom and picking Argyles member Paul Minor (whose new all-star band, Alterego (featuring members of the Peenbeets, Sixteen Deluxe, Meat Puppets, Ginger Mackenzie Band, Darin Murphy, and the Argyles, will appear Friday at the Texas Biker Rally at the Austin Expo Center, 4-8pm)  as the next superstar to emerge from Austin, since he now has the Bullock connection, and every day he looks a little more like Phil Collins...oops, I meant to say Peter Gabriel."


"Another year on the books over at the Hole, always a prime reason to climb down into the fray. Like you need a reason, but an assortment of Hole staples, old friends, and out-of-town guests will preside over the beer-soaked mayhem. It's probably only a matter of hours before everybody's favorite sewer rats the Nortons take the stage with guests David Holt and Will Sexton tonight (Thursday); Friday's got a big-band blowout with the sock-it-to-me American People pounders, Tulsa drive-by truckers Billy Joe Winghead, the return of Ricky Broussard's swampy Two Hoots & a Holler, and legend-in-his-own-time Spot. Saturday, expect a Category 5 Gulf hurricane Gourds hootenanny as singer/guitarist Kevin Russell celebrates getting out of the house after the birth of his new baby, with the Pallbearers and Richardhead throwing up sandbags. Save some fuel for Sunday's Free For All if you can, because Adult Rodeo, Missing Ingredient, the Sleepwalkers, and Superego -- mellow, robust, and mesmerizing last week as a dual-drummer sextet -- will keep the party rockin' & rollin' until well after the lights come on. Would you expect anything less?"


"When the Austin music commission asks musicians to air their ideas, complaints and suggestions at their monthly meetings, they should be careful what they wish for.  In a memo to Larry Cordle, Austin musician Paul Minor (leader of Superego), presented a not-so-short list of suggestions covering everything from the musician's union to noise ordinances to parking on Sixth Street to the infringement of corporate develoment on music landmarks.  "Liberty Lunch was a sacred historical landmark that can never be replaced, and if the wrecking ball ever comes after the Hole in the Wall, they are going to have to bulldoze right over me and my Stratocaster.  They will have to build Starbuck's around my corpse," Minor said.

"The small stage in the front corner of the Hole is where countless bands get together for Free-For-All sessions, sharing equipment and tearing through song after song until the place closes down.  Magneto USA made themselves mainstays at the Sunday night jams before branching out and eventually leaving Austin to tour on their own.  Thus Fastball was born, amidst the smoke and cheap beer of the grassroots Austin music scene..."


Subject:   May 25 Incident
To:  Airport Manager - AHL Services Company
From: superego@prismnet.com
Date:   5-30-00

Dear Sir,

My band provided music on Thursday, May 25 at Bergstrom Airport terminal.   After the show, members of my organization were involved in a brief conflict with your staff at the terminal exit checkpoint regarding an unattended baggage cart.

We were loaned the cart by a baggage handler who was on break and told one of us to leave it by the rail.  An unfortunate miscommunication occurred when I returned it to the area near the exit checkpoint and a security staff employee told me I had to come back through the metal detector again to return it to the stage.  I assumed she was being uncooperative and left the scene.

I am every sorry for this error in judgement, I should have realized the security risk I was posing and taken the cart back outside to the curb. It had been a long hot day for everyone involved and I just want to apologize formally and make sure that my people's relationship with the airport staff has not been tainted.

Please let me know if  you need any further reassurance of our best intentions at the airport.  Other than this incident the whole
experience was quite enjoyable.

Subject: Sleepwalkers @ Hole, 9pm Sunday
Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2000 16:20:22 -0500
From: Aagill@hoovers.com

Hello my hearties. The Sleepwalkers have the good fortune to participate in Hole in the Wall's 27th Anniversary Weekend this weekend. On Sunday, June 18 (Dad's Day) our boys take the Hole stage at 9pm to kick off this week's Rock & Roll Free-For-All. Admission free! Also appearing are Adult Rodeo, Missing Ingredient, and hosts Superego. This is a special occasion and a great bill. Be there or bleed air.

love, Sleepy

Subject:  Let me stand next to Paul Minor
Date:  Tue, 27 Jun 2000 23:50:45 -0500
From: superego@prismnet.com
Organization: Nickel $ Dime Productions
To:   criemenschneider@statesman.com


Utility guitarist brad fernquist also toured with new radicals.  After the stubb's show sunday night, brad, miles and friends raced over to the hole in the wall for a last call free for all jam with glass eye drummer scott marcus and amberjack rice that went to nearly 2:30 am.  They mistreated the crowd of a dozen or so regulars to a zeppelin medley, bowie's rebel rebel, hendrix's fire and sabbath's paranoid before the staff finally started putting chairs on tables.

And please don't neglect to mention the Art of Zoe Zuniga-Prince Retrospective exhibit July 3 - 8 at the Gallery Lombardi 910 W. 3rd at Bowie, with an Opening Reception on the 3rd from 6-9.   Miles' nephew Zoe, an art student, was killed in a car accident in April and left a colorful legacy of graphic art and paintings.   Zoe's parents Diana Zuniga and Ron Prince are the owners of the gallery.  (Please double check the date of his passing and his age)   I think there may also be a tie-in with an Alzheimers' charity.  Call Lombardi for more info at 481-1088 or see

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