Paul Minor, Robin Zander and Friends

700 W. 6th at Rio Grande

10/3 - VINCE BELL CD and Book signing 4-6
10/13 - BLIND LUCK
10/20 - PAUL LOGAN
10/23 - DANGLERS, JOHNNY MAC CD Release 8 pm
10/27 - BLIND LUCK

Subject: Oh yes my friend!
Date: Wed, 29 Sep 1999 14:20:53 -0500 (CDT)

Good record man. Sorry this took so long to get to you.
Take care,

"The Hole in the Wall could not be more aptly named. Residing on the Drag, this long time joint has been serving food, booze and music for an eternity. On any given afternoon you can drop in for a bite, hang around talking of baseball and beer, and finally find yourself trapped with 100 or so other regulars witnessing some of the craziest live music this town has to offer, and at bargain prices.

Not only are things quite zany on any given day at the Hole in the Wall but surprisingly, talented people come and sit in on the small stage backed by a window looking out at passing students and Guadalupe denizens. First, I must warn you that besides Monday's special Unplug This..., sessions the Hole can be loud. I mean real loud. And secondly, this place can get you really drunk. I am not sure if it's the regulars or the confines or the drinks, but there is no doubt that the Hole in the Wall contributes mightily to Austin's collective stagger, and certainly to its swagger.

Between owners Debbie Rombach and legendary man about town Jeff Smith (pictured), I figure these guys know everybody in the city, everybody worth knowing that is. In Luckenbach, they say everybody is somebody, but at the Hole in the Wall everybody isn't concerned with somebody's.

The Hole is rightly famous for its devotion to regular musicians- people who often play nowhere but the Hole and appear happy about it. The Paul Minor-led Sunday night Free For Alls have been cruising on now for decades and combine debauched Sunday night revelry with a hodgepodge of rotating bands and personalities for the affordable price of Free. Everything about this place is legendary from Murphy passed out at the Bar, to Lawrence singing at the infamous Christmas Night karoake to Waldo dispensing cold beers and dealing with the upstarts.

So, stop by for lunch, linger through great Happy Hour sets, shoot some pool, or just head down some evening and enjoy the feel of the place. It's one of the few places left in Austin that you may one day feel proud to brag about, if you don't already."


Thursday, Sept. 30 - 33 Degrees Pop Culture Press In-store Superego/Swirlitbox/Ron Flynt
Sunday, Oct. 3 - FREE FOR ALL: Megalo, Three Penny Opera, Amberjack Rice, Superego
Sunday, Oct. 10 - FREE FOR ALL: Trotline, Boondocks, Grass, Superego
Sunday, Oct. 17 - FREE FOR ALL: Flash, Sunking, Hotshot Satellite, Superego
Wednesday, Oct. 20 - STUBB's: Superego 10 pm with Dust Revival and Love Supreme
Sunday, Oct. 24 - FREE FOR ALL: Stingers, men from nantucket, dust revival, superego
Saturday, Oct. 23 - Tallabena, LA PIGROAST - Superego
Sunday, Oct. 31 - FREE FOR ALL: Joe West, Kelvin, Lucille, Superego
Sunday, Nov. 7 - FREE FOR ALL: Amariz, Ron Flynt, Crystal Pistol, Superego
Sunday, Nov. 14 - Suppository of Fun FREE FOR ALL
Sunday, Nov. 21 - Skanky Yankee, Jam Town Cryers, superego


check out my solo tour idea:

since the players on my new album are all busy touring with other projects, and the theme of the new superego album is community spirit and friendship, and i have a month off, i am planning a solo tour where i am joined onstage by special guests from the areas i am touring. i will be packing up a couple guitars, my laptop, video camera and a box of CDs and heading out in a couple of weeks.

would you join me for a few songs and help me hook up some gigs?

could you hook up an "alter-ego" gig and maybe some kind of radio or press interview and/or in-store stuff in new york, and maybe join me on bass? i would love to open for you guys or any side project at any hole in the wall where music is the focus.

the date i am thinking is sometime late october. i have a solid date near vicksburg mississippi oct. 23rd. the sooner the better, since i have to play parties in texas in november and december.

let's consider this contact list:

Houston - David Beebe and Pete Gordon at the new continental or rudyard's; New Orleans/Baton Rouge - with Andrew and the Hicks boys, Bolners; Pensacola - with This Bike is a Pipebomb at Sluggo's; Marla in Birmingham, Danielle and John in Charleston, Jody in Memphis, Art in L.A., Bowden and Brent in New York, Dieselhed in San Fran, Pete and Jeff in Portland, Tamara in Seattle, Dan and Andrew in Minneapolis, Jon and kelsey in Cincinnatti, and others in Chicago, Kansas City, Athens, etc...

i would play any kind of house party or happy hour or just any kind of weird early add-on gig wherever.

i got about 20 e-mails tonight about this idea, all positive, and that's including yours, Dad.

andrew may do some dates with me on the superego tour, we rehearsed tonight for the instore tomorrow and filmed some footage for our new video that has almost everyone from the album playing in our living room pictured on the CD back cover.

i think i will just do a short jaunt at the end of the month, maybe start at the pigroast, continue through columbia where tessa has hookups and then maybe new york, cincinnati, chicago, or minneapolis.

here's some serendipity, my cincinnati people just showed up in austin unnanounced and came over for some videos and beers. jon knodel (first beaver nelson bassist) is agreed to play chicago and kansas city. i have similar connections all over. i got e-mail back from spoon bassist britt daniel in new york and drummer pete szymczak in portland, both ready to jam.

early next year, i would like to go west to alpine, tx, santa fe (chepo's dad), los angeles, portland, seattle and vegas (mars superstore opening). i can work some of these angles at SXSW in March.

just forget about that review if you can. while this may not be easy for you outside the limelight, just imagine if several people a day came up to you and said "hey, i read that you can't sing." it usually tapers off once a new issue hits the streets. i usually say "thanks for bringing that up." at least it didn't run in the SXSW bag issue.

I had several people tell me i was a good singer today, and a good songwriter. So I ain't no Charlotte Church.

a big part of being a musician is convincing yourself through utter delusion that anyone would want to listen. i have done the best i can with the voice i was given and some people think i have done alright.

still it does bring up a good point. can i carry the solo gig? i guess we will have to just try it and see. i know i am not ready for letterman yet.

i am sitting here talking with cuddy about another friend ethan who leaves town every year for 6 months and then when he gets back his band orange mothers is doing better than ever. it's a zen thing, cuddy says.

we played an in-store today with voice, andrew on bass and two guitars. cuddy was at the pop culture press party tonight completely unaware of thier glowing review of do it now's brilliant single "How Much longer..."until i showed him later. he was really touched, as if given some kind of surprise bonus for playing the gig. i told him i would get him a copy of the mag for his scrapbook when they play an unplugged show at the saloon in november.

I am expecting some favorable reviews in some national color monthlies very soon. In an odd way, a little negative publicity seems to prime the pump for a lot of positive feedback.

the in-store felt good, in spite of the microscopic focus.
wounded and naked, but honest.

i can't wait for the pigroast.

the argyles have NO gigs in october. i am started back working at mars two-three shifts a week, and near the end of october i should be able to draw a decent paycheck form the saloon after they make some money.

i also have an entertainment lawyer shaking down dick clark for me for my grand, and the VH one people just sent me an e-mail saying 'did we discuss $$?"

not to mention aimee mann who is mailing the agreement.

so you can help me formulate this plan realistically, colonel.

i am going to singlehandedly distribute this album to every cool music scene around the country in the next year even if i have to sublet my house and give up my gigs. but i think i won't have to if i do this in reasonable chunks with efficent planning and scheduling.

i appreciate your enthusiastic feedback, you are as close to a manager as i have.

but let me reassure you of one thing: this is how it's done.

takin' care of business.

From: Paul Minor 
Organization: Nickel $ Dime Records


here are THREE legal issues i need you to help me negotiate as soon as possible:

1. Dick Clark owes me $1000 for booking in august, i have three check stubs from his may, june, and july payments and some invoices and e-mails outlining our deal, even the austin chronicle has listings and advertisement to back up the fact that my bands were billed in august.

2. Aimee Mann is sending me a contract giving her permission to use the name "superego records" for her private label without legal interference from me in exchange for $1000.

3. VH One is purchasing video footage from me for use on the show "before they were rock stars" that includes members of fastball performing at the hole in the wall and with me and beaver nelson. we have not discussed an amount, i am sharing the money with beaver and the deal has the blessing of the band and their label. beaver doesn't even want to participate for less than a thousand for his share. i could use a couple thousand.

ok, let's have a consultation.

Subject: Danglers - October
Date: Wed, 29 Sep 1999 09:43:25 -0500

Hey folks

The Danglers have been selected to play the Grand Opening Weekend at the new TEXAS MUSIC SALOON.Ê Its on the corner of 6th & Rio Grande right across from Katz' and...wait a minute...that sounds like its where the BOARSHEAD used to be?Ê That's right folks!Ê Remember where you spent every Friday night the summers of '95 & '96?Ê I say afterwards we head over to old 300 W 37 and take our front porch back!!!ÊÊ 10-2

Subject: Fastball footage
Date: Wed, 29 Sep 1999 17:22:56 +0100

Hi Paul,
We are using both the Fastball and the Beaver Nelson footage. I won't know exactly how much in terms of seconds until I cut the piece. We're using more of the Fastball performance.
That's the update for now!

Have we discussed $$?

Subject: Re: kinks chords
Date: Wed, 29 Sep 1999 11:23:43 -0400
From: Dave Emlen 


Thanks for the corrections to the chords! Hope Superego's Kinks tribute last week went well.


Dave Emlen,

Systems Analyst, Dept. of Information Technology
Rochester Institute of Technology
Kinks Web site:

Subject: hola
Date: Sun, 26 Sep 1999 22:16:42 EDT

hey paul,

sorry its taken me forever to write. ive been sooper busy w/ school. so be warned this is very long.

thank you sooo much for everything.i am really grateful. tell kevin i say hi! i hope i didnt embarass you at work. i tend to get a little giddy sometimes. oh, would you like a copy of the pic? ill mail one if ya want.

anyways, i really like m.r.s. i have found it to be two out of the three( i am still undecided as to whether an album can be robust??) i have played it about 4 times this weekend its driving my rents crazy hehehe by the way they thought you were really polite and my dad was impressed you actually had a job. : ) i really dig mary one and only, land of the enchanted, and #16. i also thought smokey pts. 1 and 2 i didnt know if i should laugh or not. ive gotta admit i expected something a bit punkish. but i guess i should know by now your type of songwriting. ( you are one of the coolest song writers ive ever heard ,honest) maybe its just me but i loved all that personal stuff at the end you know where you talk into the mike and stuff. ok well ive gotta go. i told you it was long!

love ya and thanks a million,


ps i heard ya mention something about this being a late birthday present if you dont mind when is your birthday? and also my bud ceci really loved the autograph when i first told her she didnt quite believe me!

Subject: boondocks be lovin' ya! what else you need?
Date: Tue, 21 Sep 1999 23:00:03 EDT

just in case i don't catch you at MARS THE MUSICIANS LAMENT, i need your ph# to return your call. by the by, i just got back from visiting the homestate (arkansas) and my SUPEREGO cd ( available at all the finer shops) got me down many a mile. so take a moment to swell with pride about a job well done and songs well written. oh yes, my friend, i'm down (or 'doon' if you're feeling scottish) with the EGO.


Subject: venue
Date: Tue, 21 Sep 1999 21:18:29 -0500 (CDT)
To: Paul Minor 

Hi Paul,
Okay, here's what I've got for you. The Dixie Theatre (in Bryan) is closed for renovations, so I've heard. I swung by there today, and it looked deserted. However, I thought of some place much better. It's a place called The Crooked Path Ale House. It's a little pub on the main strip right across the street from campus. Now I know I said College Station wasn't good, but this is the ONE place that is pretty much free of cowpokes and the like. It usually caters to the more liberal students. It's dark and wood paneled and serves really good imported English and German beers. The stage is upstairs. I'm going to go there on Thursday night to check out the crowd myself, just to make sure. If you need names and numbers of people to talk to about booking a gig, just let me know. I listened to your CD. Liked it so much, I made Lisa listen to it. Paul, I can't tell you how much I enjoyed it. So, I want to do more than just give it to my DJ friends and have it promptly get lost (I'm sure you know better than I how hard it is to get on the radio, regardless of how good the music is. I won't get on my soap box about the shit that somehow gets to the top ten). Got a little scheme cooked up here. If we have all our friends call the station and request a given song on your album, eventually they'll have to start playing it. The station doesn't have to know you're calling from a different city. ;) So, by the time you come here for a show, people will be familiar with your name and sound. If they like it (how could they not?), they'll come out. Let's pack the house! Which raises the question, which song? Lisa and I both liked "Another Weak Attempt" the best, but we thought that "Lagniappe" (how the Hell do you pronounce that?) may appeal to the audience more because of the country sound of it. But it's YOUR album. Which song do you want on the radio? Or do you already think I'm nuts?


Subject: Re: ego burfday
Date: Tue, 21 Sep 1999 12:44:37 EDT

Hey Paul,
Sorry I couldn't make the b-day party or Kinks gigs but I was down with cold and flu, as was the rest of this house with the exception of Julie, (mothers never get sick). I'm still fine tuning the first cut of the film since it was running way too long, as first cuts tend to do. As soon as I have down to a decent length, I can output a copy for you. I really like the new CD. I've been listening to it a lot while I work. My friend Russell loves "Misery Date," and wants to know why it isn't all over the radio, especially KGSR. I said because the music business sucks worse than the film business, but that I would ask you anyway.


Subject: the pig info
Date: Tue, 21 Sep 1999 11:04:22 -0500
Organization: Nickel $ Dime Records


earthpig aka adam bork is packing up the goofy sunglasses and leopard clad mannekins and heading for the esoteric environs of manhattan.

modern renaissance man bork has self-released several albums, taken album photography for soulhat, directed highly conceptual music videos and most recently played a stint as moog keyboardist for art rock western outfit lil' cap'n travis.

his self-taught two-hand tapping guitar style earned him a loyal following among austin music afficionados before he mysteriously retired the earthpig persona and quit performing his original music a couple years ago. he has lately been pursuing a career behind the wheel, first making overtures into truck driving school and eventually becoming one of austin's most in-demand taxi drivers as well as weekly chronicle delivery driver. he starred in the Hi-8 video road documentary "In search of tony joe white" which earned raves at last year's sxsw film fest, and word is he plans to pursue a film and/or photography career in the big apple. earthpig, don't mind the maggots.

ask him what's up at:

superego plays a special early show at antone's thursday with kitty gordon, for a new crop of fans who can't do latenight sundays. oh yes my friend is getting a lot of great feedback such as this:

"I'm finally getting around to getting your label and band the proper respect on the web site. Check it out in a couple days. The new record is the finest Superego yet. I like Misery Date. " matt eskey - freedom records, texas music roundup.

i love the blurb-worthy items you have run thus far on "oh yes my friend," and i can't wait to see a proper review when you have time and space to run it.

by the way, dick clark is offically closed, they packed up the potstickers and all the cheesy memorabilia and put up a "for sale" sign, but i have a new booking gig. the texas music saloon is now open next door to katz's in the old boar's head space and will feature the best in live texas music starting with a test run this saturday and soon having acts 4-5 nights a week, with a grand opening scheduled for late october. there's a small stage on the deck in front and south by southwest is discussing doing a tent thing in the parking lot for this years music festival.

ciao for now.

ron the impaler

Subject: Re: Austin American Statesman
Date: Mon, 27 Sep 1999 18:33:43 PDT


Paul, thanks so much for your quick (and clever) responses. I'm going to go digest them....I'll let you know if i need you to expound anymore!

Anna Giuliani

"For the independent recording artist, now is the age of technological empowerment. For the first time in history, a musician can afford the tools necessary to make master-quality mass recordings in the comfort of his own breakfast nook."

I don't know much about Superego, but I understand you record at home...Was this a choice born out of monetary necessity or wanting to be in control?

Superego records at home AND in professional studios. This is a choice that made itself, because access is the key. When you wake up one day and decide it's time to start recording your next album, you have to work with the resources that are most at hand. studios book way in advance, so having a home studio to get your project rolling is a great advantage. On our last album, My Bad, most of the drums and keyboards were recorded in our house. On our latest album, Oh Yes My Friend, the song Eastern Bloc was recorded on four track cassette in my room.

What do you perceive to be the advantages/disadvantages of home recording?

the main advantage is convenience. when you go to the professional studio, you have to pack a little hobo sack with all the little bullshit stuff you need to get you through the night, and you always forget something, and you end up ordering expensive take-out food and stuff, and wasting a lot of expensive studio time just attending to personal needs. when you are at home, you usually just record when you feel like it, usually in your underwear with your cat knocking over your mic stand and chasing your mouse.

Do you have your own little studio set-up or do you improvise?

we have a "jam room" set up ready to plug and play, it's all real small or miniature instruments to match the scale of our house. i share a house with superego guitarist jon sanchez, and between us there is an orchestra of cheap, weakly powered musical gear waiting to be played with. once in a while we do, and when it sounds worthy of posterity, we set up a mic and roll some tape.

What has home recording done for the independent music scene?

The independent music scene now has the ability to mass market itself without the complications of trying to get a label to back your project. now, all you need is the tools, which get cheaper and more powerful every week, and you can do everything that PolyCapitol Records does except bribe teamsters to get it to blockbuster faster.

Any tips you can offer on home recording?

I say no frills when it comes to the four track recorder ($600), get a decent microphone like a sennheiser ($300), and a good pair of powered monitors $100, print the drums and bass dry and loud on a good quality analog cassette, overdub some keys and guitar, then if you want to seriously make it into a cd, book some overdub and mix time at a pro digital studio that can also make you a master quality disc.

please add anything else you would like to add...

keep it simple and it will find its own beauty.

Subject: Ride to Tallulah
Date: Wed, 29 Sep 1999 07:45:18 -0700

You have a ride to Tallulah, but really nowhere else. Calm down and think about the money situation you are in now. You did the hard work of the CD. Now you need to work as much as you can and get a nest egg by late Spring. That's when you can go touring. You can do a lot of ground work by then including contacts at SXSW, working the phones, and Email. You can line up your itenerary by then and we can help with our friends around the country. Don't go off half cocked because you will waste time and resources. Besides, the weather will already by problematic at this time of year. If you wait, we can set you up in Colorado, Wyoming, California, North Carolina, Weat Virginia, Louisiana, Dallas, Houston, etc. Now go on and get busy with steady work. You have to help pay your way. Like I say, the CD is new to anyone who hears it for the first time and late Spring is soon enough. True, you are excited about it right now and so am I but let's stay rational. And as usual, you get restless when you have no structure. You can make some good bucks as a substitue or getting a regular temp job and have the structure you need. Get to work and get REALLY ready for the tour. This will probably piss you off, but you need some honest feedback, so there. You know at the moment that I am your truest fan, save Tessa.

Subject: Re: d is for dismukes
Date: Fri, 17 Sep 1999 09:02:52 +0100

Hey Paulie:

I'll try to hook up los dismukes with some digs. 'Course I gotta clear it with the woman. Lotsa changes for me lately. I've changed jobs, again, now working part-time for Will Vinton on The PJs, doing all the crazy graphics for the animation sets and props. And I'm freelancing the rest of the time. Also, LaRue is in high gear, with me and Sol gigging here and there, producing tracks (I've still gotta send you our CD), and just generally hanging out and eating nutter-butters.

Thanks for the copy of your latest CD. You're definitely refining the Minor sound. Sounds good.

Love -- DJ Petey

Paul Minor wrote:

> pete,

> > heads up amigo, my boys the dismukes need some old school portland digs > around the showcase date of thursday the 30th.

> > You might remember jacob and eric from all the good times at the hole.

> > e-mail jacob your phone number

> >

> > love,

> > funk soul brutha

Date: Thu, 16 Sep 1999 23:10:00 EDT

Thanks again for the good times freak. Tell jeff thanks for the cheap guitar stand and all the blowjobs and stuff.

don't forget to harass old pocketpool dan.


Subject: august check
Date: Fri, 03 Sep 1999 12:39:20 -0500
From: Paul Minor 
Organization: Nickel $ Dime Records


Please let me know what I can do to help in the matter of getting a check for my booking agent fee for august at the austin bandstand.

As you must be aware, the most difficult part of being an independent promoter and artist is simply getting paid. When I came on board, you assured me that your company always sent paychecks in a timely manner, but this has not been the case with this check. It is now over a month past due, and I need to get it right away.

If there is any reason that I should not be expecting this money, or if anyone has any questions with regard to this matter, please feel free to contact me. I know the bandstand has moved forward with a new plan regarding live entertainment, but this issue remains unresolved.

You were once very concerned about what I had to say about your company, but I have never had any significant complaints until now. Please see that this matter is resolved as soon as possible so that I can restore my positive opinion of your business.

It would "make it a great day" to see a check in my mailbox.

thank you for your time,

paul minor


Thu, 02 Sep 1999 09:40:58 -0700
From: hemu 

Hey Paul, Just wanted to let you know I really enjoyed the show last night (I wasn't sure I got that across last night when we talked to you b/c I had a few beers in me; so I thought I'd drop an email). That was only the second time I've seen Superego, and well, I'm a fan now. Great songs, great musicianship. Just all 'round good stuff.


Subject: oh yes
Date: Wed, 1 Sep 1999 10:19:41 -0500

oh yes my friend
is the best songs
i have heard you do
i have listened to the new cd
quite a lot the past two days
i never really cared for the other (2) cd's all that much
this one seems more REAL...
NO, i haven't dropped the photos at MARS...
someday soon
all the best...

Subject: Fastball in NYC
Date: Sun, 29 Aug 1999 16:58:43 -0700 (PDT)

Paul: I saw them yesterday at the Pier in NY. When I was speaking to Joey I told him you said Hi and his reply-Paul Minor-He's a classic. I didn't get a chance to mention the VH1 Before They Were Rock Stars thing-can you keep me updated on when that's supposed to be on? Arlene

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