Shadow Figure
All Songs ©2006 by Paul Minor
(except #10  L. Payne)

Basic Tracks Recorded
by Matt Hubbard at The Hub

Overdubs, Mixing and Mastering
by Doug Koeppe and Allan Gill
at Space Monkey Audio

Paul Minor - Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica
Jeff Johnston - Bass, Musical Saw
Conrad Choucroun - Drums
Matt Hubbard - Piano, Harmonica, Melodica
Gary Newcomb - Dobro
Elana James - Fiddle

Cover Woodcut by Amy Emery


G                                       C7
Goodness and kindness are down on their knees
one is crippled and the other diseased
they're both begging won't somebody please
Am                       C
put us out of our miseries
A7                                 C
before somebody else does the chokin'
G                      F        C                  G
we're strung out and lonely, mad at the world
F                     C                   G         C7
'cause our spirit was made to be broken
G                                       C7
So hard to pin down, so easy to blame
Like mercury flowing right under a flame
now here's a nowhere, place with no name
where every face just looks the same
and there's no good word ever spoken
I'm hung up and hungry, and mad at the world
F                                 C                   G
'cause my spirit was made to be broken

I've been killing too much time in this jail
Waiting around for my ship to set sail
just to be swallowed by one more whale
May I ask just what the hell
is it that  you have been smokin?
messed up and muddy and mad at the world
my spirit was made to be broken

Start spreading the noose, I'm leaving today
Don't wanna be, wearin' a hell toupee
misfortune cookies and tofu ettouffee, Can't keep it down, can't give it away
my ego can't stand all this strokin'
I'm on St. Peter's guest list, me minus one, my spirit was made to be broken


G    Am    G/B   C
You and I once rode on the same bus
 G    Am    G/B   C        Am                 C
It ran all day on faith,         found its way on trust
but it could not contain the both of us
only went so far and now it's left to rust
Am                         Em
Now Iím caught in the headlights
G                                D
While youíre lighting up a big cigar
Am                               Cmaj7
behind every star is a shadow of who we are

G    Am    G/B   C
You might think what a dim fate to endure
destined to remain in the relative obscure
a life opaque to filter out the bright
Just like the black letters up against the marquee light

As you kick out all the footlights
I count my tips at the corner bar
behind every star is a shadow of who we are
Cm                                           G     G6      Gmaj7
From dark spaces out beyond the edge
the voices draw you closer to the very ledge
 Em                Em/maj7            Em7
singing your praise in a such a distant high key
C                                                 D7
harmonizing with your twisted psyche

G    Am    G/B   C
When there's no one out there left to trust
you'll find  yourself addicted to the golden dust
that sparkles up above in the desert sky
once the sun has finally set upon your hopes so high
Am                         Em                                   (As you step into the twilight
When your fading taillights      I watch you from afar)
pull away in a big black car
behind every star is a shadow of who we are


E                      E aug                      E6                    E7
When everything you hoped was true, is slipping right away from you,
Amaj7                          Am7
you never tell yourself to let it rest,
E                      E aug                      E6                    E7
the silence when the song is done, and everybody's had their fun,
Amaj7                      Am7
you hate to be the one, to break it to yourself,
Amaj7        G#m         G#7          C#m    F#11              Am
Out of the blue, and into the darkest night,  you saw the light, and it blinded you
I just wanna hear you laugh, I don't wanna write your epitaph,
so when you find yourself say hey for me

I'm not thinking  any less of you, even if you want me to,
what happened to who i knew before
all good things will come to me, if i wait until eternity
and ask the universe what it is I want
Amj7        G#m         G#7          C#m    F#11                Am
Out of the blue, and into the darkest night,  you saw the light, and it reminded you

You may find this easy to believe, now that you're gone I feel relieved
of everything that I wanted most
call it a matter of formality, that's just it what it is for me
i'm a spirit, you're a ghost

RAINCOAT SONG    (capo 5)

C        Dm              F       G                          Dm        G
All that I need is some space I can breathe the wind blowing
A moment in time and a place I can find myself going

F                          F+4          Dm        G7
but don't waste your breath,  you might catch your death

.C        Dm              F       G                          Dm        G
More than my share of hurt and despair since it hit me
out of nowhere such a burden to bear but bear with me

F                    F+4                 Dm        G7
at the end of the day,  don't get carried away

C                       G/B   Am                F            Em   D7
I felt the grip on my heart start to slip when I looked into your eyes
Thought I was fine when I found myself tryin' new lines to memorize

There was a time when i looked in my mind and found doubting
so deafened by fear that i just couldn't hear the voice shouting
F    F+4          Dm        G7
don't,  ever let,  love go to your head

C                       G/B   Am                F            Em   D7
I felt the grip on my heart start to slip when I looked into your eyes
The weather was fine when I found myself tryin' this raincoat on for size

Im doing fine and i'm taking the time to feel all right
i'm easily bored but  i'll seek the right chord to play all night
F    F+4          Dm        G7
Now I know what you meant to my heart's discontent

THREE ON A MATCH   (capo 5)

G      G    G     Gaug
G                     D
Thank you for the bad news
wasn't much of a  surprise
when you wilted like a rose petal
right before my eyes
your company is welcome
your flower never grows
that's all there is to it
that's as far as it goes

Am             D             Am             D
Where so ever two          are gathered for a lark           G       Gaug
three on a match                   leaves someone in the dark

There's no faithless in a foxhole but i still have my doubts
so light a smoke for both of us  before you blow it out
Carry your flame for me , a spark is what we lack
til you brought me the 3rd degree,  and everything went black

Em    Em/maj7              G      E7/D          C      G/B
All day long I drive around and wonder how it is you're doing
on the other side of town      Am      D7
Em    Em/maj7              G      E7/D          C      G/B
later on when i get home i sit alone and think of you and
wonder when you'll come around   A7

Call me complicated call me anytime
take it for granted i'm here on the line
You took my tomorrow She took my yesterday
I took all your sweet time, to forever fade away

Where so ever two          are gathered for a lark
three on a match               somewhere in the dark
Where so ever two          are gathered for a lark
three on a match              leaves someone in the dark


Beg your pardon, little darlin'
won't you let me plant my tulips in your garden
I been freakin, out all weekend
cos i'm finding out that you're the one i'm seekin'

You were my world and I wanted to see more
until I found you such a dark place to explore
and I seen the side I'd never seen before

Leavin' Graz with no regrets as the Austrian sun sets
we said goodbye to a lifelong dream vacation
'now it all seems so unreal, what a foreign way to feel
to think of home with such sweet anticipation
so glad that I found you, it's such a joy to be around you
until you drop your heavy baggage on my floor
and I seen the side I never seen before
Darlin' I seen the side I never seen before


You showed up uninvited at some living room affair
And now I can't stop thinking 'bout you, sister raven hair despair
Still the voices whisper from the corners of my mind
Why should I deserve to have you treat me so unkind?

Chorus - Even though I know the truth is right in front of me
It's so hard to turn away and face reality
Even though I know the truth is staring right at me
I don't want to see, 'cause the truth is:  you don't love me

"It's not gonna happen," is what you said to me
So why do I keep living in this pointless fantasy?
My nonsense of wonder has been opened from within
Your incense puts me under every time I breathe it in

When my heart is heavy, I'm helpless to conceal
I can't pin it anywhere, it's just the way I feel
Driving back from your house, with so much left unsaid
Roll another number and just put myself to bed...


C          G/B        F        G          C          G/B        F       G
Ordinary Girls I see you in the coffee shop
what your looking for might not be found on that laptop
F                        Em                Dm      G               C    G/B
when i get my truck out of the shop i want to take you for drive
F                      Em           Dm                     D7           G
out to where the stars, are so bright, that you just won't believe your eyes

Ordinary girls, i wouldn't normally say hi
but i saw you walking by and i just had to find some way to catch  your eye

when you get offline, i wonder would you spend some time for just a moment
take off your headset so I can show you where to get you some enjoyment

F                              G#7                 C           C7
Ordinary girls they seem so average at first glace
F                                G#7                C                   G7
but you should get to know one if you ever get the chance

Ordinary girl, you look like you're new in town
welcome to my world, won't you let me show you around
let me borrow your cell phone,
so I can call you up and take you to the sound
If you're looking for some action, step right up,
the main attraction's what you've found

Ordinary girl, so very ordinary,
Ordinary Girl, you're extraordinary,
Ordinary Girl, you're so very, Ordinary Girl


G          Bm           C          G
Do not be afraid my beautiful child
G               F                C               G
I've come to take you away from this place
back to a much more innocent time
return you to a simpler grace

The sins of the fathers have dried up your tears
stolen your virtue, stripped you of pride
hold on to my hand, let go of your fears
your broken promise will not be denied

D                     Em
Oh my daughter, can't you see me trying
F                                   C
to turn back the silent hands of age
D      B7             Em
oh your mother, can't you see her crying
F                                   C
the violent tears of rage

G            Bm           C          G
Hold on to me my beautiful child
your eyes are wide like a baby
come to a place where flowers grow wild
where your spirit can be young and your heart can run free

Low Overhead
All Songs ©2002 by Paul Minor (#9 Minor/Johnston)

#1, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12 & 13 recorded and mixed by Michael Crow at GC Recording
#2, 3 & 5 recorded and mixed by Chris Smith at the Bubble
#4, 6 & 10 recorded and mixed by Mark Addison at Slaughterhouse
Mastering by Bryan Anderton at Living Room

Andrew Duplantis - piano on #1, bass on #1, 7, 8, 11 & 13
Kevin Pearson - drums on #1, 7, 8, 9, 11 & 12
Landis Armstrong - lead guitar on #7 & 8
Chepo Pena - bass on #3
Jeff Johnston - bass on #9
Mark Addison - bass and keyboards on #4, 6 & 10
Nina Singh - drums on #4, 6 & 10
Tony Scalzo - bass on #2 & 5, backing vocals on #2
Joey Shuffield - drums and percussion on #2, 3 & 5
Miles Zuniga - lead guitar and backing vocals on #11
Chris Smith - slide guitar on #5
Paul Etheredge - organ on #1, 3 & 5, piano on #2, 3, 7, 8 & 9
Matt Hubbard - organ on #7, piano and trombone on #12
Mike Stevenson - upright bass on #12
Rebecca Gatchell - piano on #13
Ethan Azarian - Cover Art


      Dm        F         C       G
Well nothing surprises me anymore,
nothing better to be found
forgotten what it was that  I came here for,
       F                                 C
so I guess i'll have another round
    Dm        F              C               G
no one survives the dream anymore,
Waking up and leaving town
Gotta pick up the pieces of me from the floor
      F                                 C
and disappear without a sound
my feet wonít never touch the ground
 F                                 C               Adim        G
Ainít nowhere that I wanna be so ií'll see you around

Dm                                         Em
Gotta put it all behind me,   ëcos love could never find me
F                                               G
when i hid myself out in plain sight,
 Dm                                  Em
you took what i desired,  left me uninspired,
Bdim                                             Am7
and now iím seeing in a different light                      (Slide Solo over verse)

You see it's not that kind of evening tonight,
i'm seeing what i'm believing alright,
but looks can be deceiving child,
living in this violent crown

A criminal in this society
is hypocritical to preach propriety
so live a little like a survivor should
and cut yourself just enough, turn the level up just a touch
don't live it up too much or youíll never live it down...

Dm                                         Em
Gotta put it all behind me,   ëcos love could never find me
F                                               G
when i hid myself in plain sight,
 Dm                                  Em
you took what i desired,  left me uninspired,
Bdim                                             Am7
and now iím seeing in a different light

     Dm         F         C      G
Nothing surprises me anymore... (repeat with leads and fade)


Fmaj7          Am7        Bbmaj7            Gm7
I suppose you don't believe in second chances
Fmaj7          Am7        Bbmaj7            Gm7
and it shows, you've had your share of failed romances
Dm7                               E7                   Am7              D9
if you're looking for a lover who could never let you down,
Dm7                                   Bbm7                   Fmaj7
you can pick my wounded heart up off the ground
Fmaj7          Am7            Bbmaj7                          Gm7
Went downtown,  picked up my check and had some coffee
Fmaj7          Am7        Bbmaj7                     Gm7
called you up, said i was right outside your office
Dm7          E7                        Am7              D7
I guess it wasnít on your list of things to do today
Dm7                                Bbm7                   Fmaj7    F7
to see my face, so i just walked away

Bbm7                         Eb9                           Abmaj7               Ebdim
so the ties that bind us are released, weíve said too much to say the least,
Bbm7                Eb9                    Abmaj7        Ebdim
but i just canít help but wonder why
Bbm7                Eb9                    Abmaj7        Ebdim
when youíre burdened with a heart so big youíre bound to be a tragic figure
Bbm7                Eb9             C9        Caug
the wind blows and your life goes awry

(solo over verse)

Fmaj7          Am7        Bbmaj7            Gm7
I don't play the cards, or spend more than i got
Fmaj7          Am7        Bbmaj7            Gm7
cause losin's hard, winning's too long a shot,
Dm7               E7                   Am7              D9
the wage of sin, and in the end the price you have to pay
Dm7                                       Bbm7             Fmaj7                  A7
wasnít worth the cost of what you tossed away...
Dm7                                       Bbm7             Fmaj7                  A7
wasnít worth the cost of what you tossed away, what you say,
Dm7                                       Bbm7             Fmaj7                  A7
wasnít worth the cost of what you tossed away, yesterday,
Dm7                                       Bbm7             Fmaj7                  A7
wasnít worth the cost of what you tossed away,  no way,
Dm7                                       Bbm7             Fmaj7
wasnít worth the cost of what you tossed away, price you pay...


C#m  C#m   C#m   E7    C#m  C#m   C#m   E7

C#m         B          F#          A               E                  F#7
Electric chairmen of the bored, i 'm pleading with you
C#m         B          F#          A               E                  F#7
to turn your shares back into swords and cut right through
     A                E        F#        A                E     B    F#                     F#7         E/G#       A     F#7
the cancer and elevate the dancer to her rightful place of honor before this world's a goner...

C#m         B          F#          A               E                  F#7
So why should i serve the law, when it's not serving me,
C#m         B          F#          A               E                  F#7
and though my character is flawed, to a certain degree
 A                                    E         F#            A                           E        F#        A
       I know that the powers that be have spoken, and my spirit is already broken,
                E            B        F#                F#7            E/G#       A
it's just a matter of time until, you give up on your own free will...

 G#7                                 A
As i lie awake tonight I think about the things i might have
E                                                          B
done if i could have the chance to do it all again
G#7                                                                     A
in the war between the states of mind on my behalf iím far behind,
E                                             Bm                     A                F#7        C#m   F#7   C#m  F#7
and the cause of my distress,         is this powerlessness...

 C#m         B          F#          A               E                  F#7
so reinvent yourself again,       and let history repeat
C#m         B          F#          A               E        F#        A
the simple message that you send, you can never defeat this system
         E                F#        A
the warnings i guess i missed em,  but I
         E     B              F#                             F#7         E/G#       A      F#7          A       F#7
just couldn't help but notice the big picture looks so out of focus, (so out of focus)

C#m   F#7   C#m  F#7       C#m     (rest)    F#7   C#m


C/G     Fm/D      C/G     Fm/D

Fmaj7           Fdim          Am7                    Bm7b5
In this wicked old world where lightning never strikes
Fmaj7                         Fdim               Am7                      Bm7b5
i need a beck and call girl    who can do just what she likes

Fmaj7                             E7           Am7                       D9
and when Iím lonely inside  take me to the playground
C/G         Fm/D                 C/G         Fm/D
where we can ride on the merry go round

Fmaj7                       Fdim                         Am7      Bm7b5
Now iím dancing with you, and you donít even care
Fmaj7                         Fdim     Am7       Bm7b5
that everything you hold true, could vanish into thin air
Fmaj7                 E7                          Am7                 D7
so donít breathe a word, and donít make a sound
C/G         Fm/D               C/G           Fm/D
just hold me tonight, on the merry go round

Am7                             F                    D7              E7
I drank your tonic, so ironic,  on the rocks with a twist
Am7                            F                 D7                  G7
your medication was a temptation i just couldnít resist

Fmaj7           Fdim          Am7                    Bm7b5
before you came around,  life was just a charade
Fmaj7           Fdim                     Am7           Bm7b5
I was a pitiful clown, in an endless parade
Fmaj7              E7               Am7               D9
but now i canít hide from the love that I found
                             C/G         Fm/D                             C/G         Fm/D       Cmaj7
when I took a ride on the merry go round,  mmm  on the merry go round

TROUBLE RUN                         CAPO 4

G#m                       E7      G#m                       E7
Climbed into my hearse, threw it in reverse
    G#m            F#                                   E7                           Eb7
discovering the truth that my misspent youth can't be reimbursed
G#m                       E7      G#m                       E7
Down to Slaughter lane,  no one's feeling any pain
   G#m            F#                                           E7                                    Eb7
Feel like I just scored when Frenchy's at the board turning up the gain.
C#m                                    G#m
When the life you want so bad becomes
A                                          E
the life you could have had
F#                                       C#m
when it all just seems so sad...
B                         C#m           C#m/A
the trouble run is so much fun
just one more time before i come undone
Iím getting older but the night is young
(waiting for the man while weíre still young)
and the trouble run is so

G#m                       E7      G#m                       E7
Cheater knows the score, he's heard it all before
   G#m                          F#                                         E7                                              Eb7
when the deal goes down, he's nowhere to be found and you just want some more
G#m                  E7      G#m                       E7
Gotta punch the clock   Then i gotta rock,
 G#m                      F#                                         E7                         Eb7
make it to the gig,  borrow someone's rig cause all my shit's in hock

C#m            G#m               A                              E
Am i going blind or has the brass ring lost its shine
F#                Esus
ëuntil i see a sign
B                         C#m           C#m/A
the trouble run is so much fun
let me hit it one time before i come undone
weíre all  getting older but the night is young
the trouble run is so

Bridge -
F#11                      A                     E
turn your collar up to the winter wind,
F#11                                    Asus2
when the sun comes up, iíll be at the bitter end

Repeat chorus
Coda  Gm+4     G#6sus2

SAVE YOURSELVES                CAPO 3

 G                                   Gmaj7
Hey mama, don't you recognize me
G7                                               C
you carried me with you for so long
B7                                      E7
conceived in december, born in september
A11                                                 Cm
Your long forgotten, misbegotten son
G                                         Gmaj7
Yeah mama, please don't criticize me
G7                                      C
I've tried so hard to be a man
     B7                                   E7
I'm no family member  but i can remember
A11                                   Cm
some things i just don't understand
D                                                   A7                                           C                              G
Save yourselves another sinner, everybody loves a winner,  i was your biggest mistake
G                                                            Gmaj7
I guess you got more than you wanted
G7                                               C
you weren't expecting me to arrive
B7                                                      E7
they fought you to save me, you cried as you gave me
A11                                                Cm
to a world where I could never survive
Hey mama i wish that things were different,    I don't know just where i went wrong
D                                                    Dmaj7                                   Dm6                        Bm
'there's no-one to guide me and deep down inside me is the feeling that don't belong
D                                                   A7                                           C                              G
Save yourselves another sinner, everybody loves a winner,  i was your biggest mistake
G                                   Gmaj7          G7                                          C
so mama, that's my confession, for myself thereís nothing left to show
B7                                              E7                                 A 11                                    Cm
so heed my insistence and cease my existence in your mind  like you did long ago
D                                                   A7
Save yourselves leave me alone,  i wanna meet my maker on my own terms
C                              G
I was your biggest mistake
D                                                   A7                                           C                              G
Save yourselves another soul, another life you canít control, i was your biggest mistake
D                                                   A7                                           C                              G
Save yourselves another sinner, everybody loves a winner,  i was your biggest mistake
D                                                   A7                                           C                              G
Don't be afraid to make your big mistake,           Donít be afraid to make your big mistake


F                            Am        Em                   G
I went down to red river, to get my fortune sold,
F                            Am                        Em                 G
the message was delivered,  the night is growing old

You might end up in danger
  C                                    G
of a shadow across your heart
D                                                             C                 G
careful what you wager when you practice a dying art

F                     Am                     Em                        G
situation lookin dire, they're loading up the party bus,
F                                        Am       Em                     G
the facts are written on the flyer, armed and dangerous,
D                                            C                        G
these guns for hire, there's a line drawn in the dust,
D                                            C                G       F#7
we're down to the wire,  & the enemy is us

Bm                       Bm/maj7     Bm7                      E7                       Am
May I ask, why the mask and the gas canít you get your point across?
                Am/maj7               Am7                           D7                    Em
youíre the boss, and weíre lost cause we donít know the line to cross
          Em/maj7                Em7                     A7
all this priceless freedom comes at such a cost

F                                Am            Em                    G
 giving us the business, and taking liberties
F                     Am                 Em                    G
With no one to defend us,  who will hear our pleas?

D                       C              G
I got zero toleration
D                              C                G
for the majority population

D                           C              G
this is an invitation
D                                                        C              G
to a shady character's assignation


G                       F               E7
I once knew a heavenly flower,
A7                                     D7
she liked her pills and her bottle,
G                       F               E7
but nothing ever got her much higher than her
A9                                     D9
ë57 gretsch anniversary model,
G                                                  G7
She moved into my room,  stole my pickup truck
C                                           Eb7
ran it out of gas and ran me out of luck
G                                         F                   E                     E7
cause when she cleaned up her act, she gave me the sack
A7                               D7
and she ainít never coming back...

G                       F               E7+9
Jimi Hendrix  sat on the edge
A7                                     D7
of the bed by the motel window ledge,
G                       F               E7
She was on her way out the door,
A9                                                     D9
he said, 'i wish I loved you girl like I love my guitar'
G                                   G7
he and flowergirl had gotten pretty close
C                                                Eb7
but she took lots of souvenirs before the overdose
G                                     F                   E             E7
now flower people will pay alot of cash on  the bay
A7                               D7
for those artifacts from yesterday                   solo over verse
G                       F               E7
I once had a heavenly father
A9                                     D9
But I never been a model son
G                       F               E7
all your mistakes, all your gives and takes
A7                                                     D7
a little bit of me in every one
G                                                G7
what you need is benefits and job security
C                                                    Eb7
you got too much wits to wallow in obscurity
G                         F           E                      E7
i killed the fatted calf and all you did was laugh
A9                               D9                           G7        E7        A9   D9       G7   F7 F#7 G7
now youíre gonna end up just like me

by Minor/Johnston

Em   C   G     D  F#dim    Em   C    rest

G                                D   G7                                              B7
      I asked her to the mason hall to see my old friend from the hole in the wall
                Em                                  D
down the street she crawled and met me there
                G                          B7                        Em   C    G    D   B7  Em   C
and i was caught up  in her messed-up stare

G                    D                               G7                                 B7
She was determined to be the one who was known as the girl who had the most fun
Em                                                  D
at the festival of a thousand bands
G                             B7                        Em   C                             G       D   B7  Em   C
so I let her take the last wristband,                          so she could dance

G              D                        G7                                              B7
with her eyes so big and bright  she told me that she was getting married tonight
Em                                              D
I wondered who, could be the lucky guy, she said
 G                                       B7                              Em   C     G     D   B7  Em   C
'he sings about pain and draws that flying eye,'

G                                D                              G7                       B7
then she asked the band so polite could she join them on the stage that night
Em                                          D
they invited her to take her rightful place
           G                                          B7
with a dazed expression on her lovely face
Em                             D                                       G7                                    B7
As the organ moaned  she began to move   and just when she started to find the groove
Em                                       D                             G                              B7
a  man came down with a big flashlight    and shined it right in her face so white
Em                                         D                                      G                             B7
he pulled her down, and as she asked him why, the crowd rose to their feet and cried....
Em                              C
let her dance, let her dance,
G                                                                 D             B7
she ainít hurting no-one,  why donít you give her a chance,
Em                              C
let her dance,   let her dance,
G                                        D                   B7   Em
she'd give her whole life  up just for the sake of romance,
C                             G          D         B7                Em     C
why not let her dance,     this could be her last chance
                              G           D         F#dim         Em      C     G
why not let her dance...

YOUR GRACE             CAPO 5

G                    G7
Every single word you said
C                                                       F9
came down from the heavens with reckless abandonment,
G                    G7
Suddenly the line went dead
C                                       F9
and I had to wonder just what this illusion meant
D7                  B7             Em7                A9
I could never figure out just how the story ends,
                    Gmaj7    Dm7         Em7        A9
I really don't want to know, but it feels as though,
Cm7           F9         G
it wonít be told again

  Eb7              D7            Bm7                                 Em7
All I ever wanted was someone who loved me just because
Am                          A7                          D7                      Edim
you recognize the lonely place where I would be but for your grace

G                        G7
You're out there in the dark,
C                                         F9
youíve had your share of moments of doubt and pain
G                    G7
inspiration needs a spark,
C                            F9
so fill me up,  my needleís on ìEî again
D7               Cdim                    Em7          A9
if you only knew just how my life on you depends,
                        Gmaj7    Dm7            Em7      A9
you really don't want to know, but it feels as though,
Cm7              F9      G
you won't be back again

Solo over Bridge

G                        G7                                     C                     F9
Everything you thought you knew turned out to be another misleading sign
G                          G7                       C                              F9
Would you rather be here now  or pull me from the tracks in the nick of time?
D7                  Cdim                 Em7                A9
Now I find find myself alone, like Iíve always been
                           Gmaj7  Dm7               Em7       A9
you really don't want to know, cause it feels as though,
Cm7                  F9          Gmaj7    Cm7           F9    Gmaj7   Cm7               F9
you won't come back again,          wonít come back again,      wonít.... come back...

Gmaj7   Dm7   Em7       A9    Cm7  F9   Gmaj7/B


Em  Em/maj7    Em7  Em6    X2

Em  Em/maj7    Em7  Em6
You didnít heed the warning where this would lead
Em  Em/maj7    Em7  Em6    C           B7
too busy needing more than I could ever feed
Em  Em/maj7    Em7  Em6
So while i write another letter to myself....
I know you even better than you know yourself,

G                       Ebaug          C               A
But I can get it, I can do this, i can get it right
G                       Ebaug          C                  B7
I can step out of a dark cloud, I can make it into broad daylight

What happened to the minor feats that I could boast?
Now I haunt the scenes of my defeats just like a ghost
so do us both a favor,  my faithful friend,
just tell me that i'll never work in this town again

G                       Ebaug          C               G
But I can get it, I can do this, I can get it right
G                       Ebaug          C                   A7
I can step out of a dark cloud, I can make it into broad daylight

Em  Em/maj7    Em7  C X2

D             F#7               G                     E/F#
if I took a magic pill, for superhuman strength of will
D                            C           Bm7                    Am7
I still would not be able to keep myself from wanting you

(build)G                       Ebaug          C               G
But I can get it, I can do this, i can get it right
G                       Ebaug          C                   G
I can step out of a dark cloud into broad daylight  (repeat)


Intro:  Bm7   Em7     A9     Dm7#5

Gmaj7    Gmaj6          F#m7          B9
My uncle taught me to make these chords,
Am7                                                 D9            Daug
and then he showed me what this heart was for,
Gmaj7       Gmaj6       F#m7     B9
It's for your family, and for your friends,
Am7                                      D9      Daug     Bm7    Em7    A9    Dm7#5
and they will be here with me til the end
Gmaj7            Gmaj6       F#m7     B9
My brother gave me, my first guitar
Am7                                         D9       Daug
and took me downtown to that smoky bar
Gmaj7   Gmaj6             F#m7     B9
where even though I was yet under age
Am7                                         D9       F#dim
that music called me right up on the stage
Em       Em/maj7         C#min7b5    Cmaj7
where I could sing along,
Em       Em/maj7         C#min7b5    Cmaj7
and even though theyíre gone
Em       Em/maj7         C#min7b5    Cmaj7               Am7      D9    Daug
their memories          live on     in my heart where they belong...

Cmj7                                  Ebmaj7                              Bm7
And youíre with me now, as I write this song, your eyes look down,
E7      Eaug     E                     Am7                          D9
with hands so strong, you guide me as I play and remind me of the way...

solo over verse - intro

 Gmaj7            Gmaj6          F#m7     B9
I think about you, most every day,
Am7                                   D9              Daug
it's kind of like you never went away,
Gmaj7   Gmaj6             F#m7     B9
And when Iím lonely, and when I'm down
Am7                                      D9       F#dim
you help me pick myself up off the ground
Em       Em/maj7         C#min7b5    Cmaj7
cause now I realize, my dream was in your eyes...
ëcos when your heroes die,  their spirit stays alive,
                               Am7      D9    Gmaj7
in every song you write...


Amaj7    F#m7  Amaj7    F#m7

 E         G#m7           F#m7           B9
When I hear your voice   I am at once
 E         G#m7           F#m7           B9
mesmerized           and  evangelized
E         G#m7           F#m7           B9
you are Jesus at the crossroads of
E         G#m7           F#m7           B9
reality               and insanity,    Iím so glad you're still alive

Amaj7                                    G#7
and you are the truth, stranger than fiction
Gmaj7                                     F#7
so far removed from those who went before
Fmaj7                                  E7          E7+5                Amaj7    F#m7  Amaj7    F#m7
and you make it smooth,  when I can't take the friction any more...

 E         G#m7           F#m7           B9
And when you arrive, I must insist that you stay awhile
 E         G#m7           F#m7           B9
your presence has been sorely missed my grown up child
 E         G#m7           F#m7                                B9
                             your absence has made me fonder
E         G#m7           F#m7                                    B9
                         now that you've come back from over yonder

Amaj7                           G#7
Youíre no stranger to alienation
Gmaj7                             F#7
but your heart so true beats close to mine
Fmaj7                       E7         E7+5   Amaj7    F#m7  Amaj7    F#m7
i turn to you for inspiration, so divine

Bridge:   Dm7 x4     G9    Bbmaj7     Amaj7    F#m7  Amaj7    F#m7

E                  G#m7     Gm7        F#m7           B9
And when all business flights for lost angels
 E                  G#m7     Gm7        F#m7           B9
have been canceled due to bad dreams and floods of tears
 E              G#m7     Gm7   F#m7           B9
 Iíll see you stan    - ding            by at the terminal with your carry ons full of your worst fears.
 Amaj7                           G#7
and your true love waits at your destination,
Gmaj7                             F#7
when you walk through the gates,
 Fmaj7                       E7                                E7+5   Amaj7    F#m7  Amaj7    F#m7
for the last time, you will finally know this inspiration so divine...

SWEETER  (from Oh Yes My Friend)

You know it feels so good to be back in the hood after so many nights on the road
I hope the fruit of our labors don't wake up the neighbors when we back up the truck and unload

no known remedies for your allergies, when i let the beekeeper in
you never cringed but i came unhinged when he put the sweet stinger in
and left it much to my chagrin

why have the cats gone back to the box after so many nights on their own?
don't try to sneak, i just fed you last week, why can't you just leave me alone,
you act like this house is your home

with a storm in your eyes, so centered so wise, you crept in and got under my skin
and now the sailor in me is drowning at sea while i wait for my ship to come in
when will my journey begin?

solo over verse

like a neighborhood bar or a pawnshop guitar sound better the longer they sit
each drop of truth from the fountain of youth tastes sweeter the older i get...

BREEZE       (From My Bad)

©1997 Paul Minor

Such a small part in the talent show, but so appropriately named
Such a small crack, don't break your back on the rock & roll walk of fame
If your world starts to turn in a different direction
Keep your hands off of your saxophone section
and it'll be alright...

Shook the Double-As out of your Super-8 and put 'em in my Dr. Rhythm
Gotta lotta good ideas in here, but I don't know what to do with 'em
Now I'm turning the page on a difficult chapter but I'll never forget
the sweet sound of your laughter

Sax Solo

It's a song on the breeze in the saddest of keys and it's bringing me to my knees...

(So baby please) drag me down off of this barstool, and get all up in my face
Treat me just like I was your litlle fool, and put me back in my place
Cause even if I had the noblest plans, i would never expect you to understand...


@1997 Paul Minor

I'm no Austin strangler, but I'll gladly kill some time
Thank the Lord that shooting the breeze ain't no capitol crime
The conversation's loaded so be careful not to aim too high
You'll lose your innocence when you hear the dissonant sound of a beautiful lie...

Well, Hello Dolly, that's a hell of a face
I could be your svengali, if you got a little time to waste
These dice are loaded, do be careful not to get too high
You'll feel the dissonance when you lose your innocence, sounds like a beautiful lie...

I LOVE YOUR ANGER (From Mello, Robust Satisfying)

The temple disassembles for another night
the wildcard asks the firing squad for a light
he says the only thing i'm sure of is that i haven't got a clue
but i love your anger yes i do

the kid got the sensation that he had before
sooner or later he'd be wakin' up on your floor
don't you worry mama it's just a bloody nose
i love  your anger, i love your anger, i love your anger when it shows

the shock could resurrect my heart
don't know where it's going
i feel the tension growing

the barmaid saw it coming cause she knew the signs
didn't have to say a word for her to read his mind
she said don't suffocate me or i'll kick out your windows
but i love your anger, i love your anger, i really love your anger when it shows

NOWHERE WORSE TO GO (From Free For All Vol 2)

She dressed like an executioner, and I was hanging on every word
who'da thought the future would be so absurd
she was a heartache waiting to happen
and i was just too blind to see
i had every chance to leave and then it happened to me

No news is best, and good news travels slow
but when it's the worst i'm always the first to know
i got no time to rest, no souvenirs to show
lost from the first with nowhere worse to go

She was so approachable like she would give you the stars above
cause everything's negotiable when you're in love
I said give me something true to believe in before time takes its toll
something i can sink my teeth in and swallow whole

As i was walking down loser's lane, i saw you through a windowpane
it said "please break glass in case of desparation"
Jesus was born in 6 BC, i hope he's comin' back ASAFP
cause i don't know if i can face this isolation

I been mistaken for the devil in phoenix, i been around the world in eighty veins
seen a lot of people and things but i forget their names
now i'm hurtin but i can make it, you have to i suppose
nothing's certain in life, take it from a man who knows

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