Technologist (ENGL 2311)
Community Improvement Report Memos

As the technical writing textbooks often assert, technical writing often has an impact on communities and is often written in terms of community interests.

The Texas Education Association maintains that every college course—or at least degree—should address community matters in some way. Our part in that is to think of brief writing projects that would improve a community or correct a community problem.

Consider these topics:

Pollution of various sorts
Traffic congestion
Transportation alternatives
Community gardens
Water conservation
Hurricane or tornado tracking, preparedness
Cancer-victim support
Internet connectivity
Crime detection, deterrence
Facilities for the elderly
Solutions for the homeless
Mass transportation alternatives
Drone delivery systems
Recycling technology, problems
Municipal solar devices
Rodent and other pest control Flood management solutions
Facilities for the disabled
Neighborhood associations, connections
Solutions for problem neighborhoods

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    Please enter the information requested below. If it's difficult to think in terms, contact your instructor for a brainstorming session. I'll add optional points to your final grade based on how relevant, realistic, researched your ideas are. (See policies for the total points that can be added.)

  1. Describe the community problem or idea for community enhancement that you want to focus on. (Remember: it can be a lot of other things, but it has to be some sort report-length document.)
  2. Describe your ideas for addressing the community problem or possiblity for community enhancement. What's your plan?
  3. Explain how your project ideas will involve a written document (report, guide, handbook, etc.).
  4. To whom will your document be addressed? Who will be the audience?
  5. Explain what you think will be the problems in implementing your ideas.
  6. What are your sources of information about your project idea? (Please do some research and cite specific articles.)

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