Technologist (ENGL 2311):
Informal Course Evaluation

Please give me your thoughts about this course. This course evaluation is very informal: answer with written-out comments or numerical ratings (5=excellent), or both. Your comments will be anonymous; I'll e-mail a link to the evaluation results once all the evaluations are in. Thanks!

About how many hours per week did you put in on this course?

Was the amount of work for this course too much, too little, about right?

If the workload was too much, was it worthwhile?

Are you satisfied with the amount of writing you did in this course?

Are you satisfied with the amount of feedback you got on your writing?

Coming in to this course, what were your thoughts about the level of difficulty of this course and its value to you?

On completing this course, what do you think will be the value of this course in your career?

On completing this course, what is your level of confidence in your writing—the kind of writing you do or would do on the job, in the workplace, professionally?

What improvements would you recommend for this course?

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