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Original e-mail (sent Tue Feb 20 16:29:18 CST 2018)
Subject: Tech Comm Asking You to Complete a Demographics Survey
The Business, Government, and Technical Communication is collecting data about ACC students enrolled in BGTC classes - - - and you can help generate some of this data, by completing the survey that is available at the following link:

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Original e-mail (sent Mon Feb 19 10:00:10 CST 2018)
Subject: Tech Comm ENGL 2311/ETWR 1002: Tech Comm -- week of Feb. 19
Hello, future technical writers! We've got a busy week:

* Complete the bootcamp exercises by mid-week
* Read about and write your observations about the field of technical communication. That's due Feb. 25.

I'm online all day every day including weekends, 9:00-5:00. I would enjoy hearing from you. -- David

Original e-mail (sent Thu Feb 15 11:11:57 CST 2018)
Subject: Tech Comm ENGL 2311/ETWR 1002: Tech Comm -- week of Feb. 12
Hello, all. Are you really interested in technical writing career or just like the schedule of studies and assignments? Either way, it's good by me.

As you can see in the schedule, this week you do the startup activities and writer bootcamp exercises. Feb. 25 some writing assignments will be due.

Hey, and I have found a technical-writer internship:

Would you want me to add you to our current/former e-mail list for future jobs, internships, and events like this?

-- David McMurrey, Ph.D.
Full-time faculty
Business, Government & Technical Communications
Austin Community College

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