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Original e-mail (sent Tue Feb 20 16:28:54 CST 2018)
Subject: Technologist (ENGL Asking You to Complete a Demographics Survey
The Business, Government, and Technical Communication is collecting data about ACC students enrolled in BGTC classes - - - and you can help generate some of this data, by completing the survey that is available at the following link:

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Original e-mail (sent Mon Feb 19 09:55:58 CST 2018)
Subject: Technologist (ENGL ENGL 2311/ETWR 1002: technologist--week of Feb. 19
Hello, technologists and scientists! This is a busy week:

* Complete the bootcamp exercises by Sunday, Feb. 25
* Study resumes and applications and take the quizzes, mid-week
* Send in really good application letters and resumes, Feb. 25

Can you hack that? Of course! -- David McMurrey

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