Correcting Apostrophes in a Business Letter

Directions: The following exercise is a formal business letter addressed to an individual whose name you know. No punctuation (except end marks) has been inserted. Insert punctuation marks where they are needed. When you press Click here to check your answer, you will see your revision and a suggested one. At the end, you will see the originals, your creations, and the suggested ones all on the same page.

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John Smith
9555 Peterson Rd
seattle WA 90132

Ms Linda Jackson

Jackson Moving and Storage Inc
4122 Constable Rd
Van Buren WA 90044

Dear Ms Jackson

Your advertisement in the magazine Fine Places to Live November 2008 attracted my attention because it contained the following lines. We value your business. We know you value your possessions. We at Jackson Moving value your possessions as much as you do.

We will move the contents of your home and deliver them on time in perfect condition at the price quoted by our representative. We guarantee your satisfaction with our work.

In the past five years time I have moved three times two of those coast to coast. On each move the moving companies performance was far less than satisfactory. Those companies lost or damaged 12 count them 12 valuable antiques or paintings. In addition to those losses no commpany stayed with it's estimated price in fact the estimates were not even close to the final price. Needless to say my opinion of the moving industry is not very high.

However your ads statements give me hope yes 1m still an optimist that this time the results will be better and Ive found a company that will deliver what its promised. Next month 1m moving to Atlanta and III need a moving company. If youre able to meet the standard I see in the lines quoted above please have a representative call me at the number listed above.

Yours truly

John Smith


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