Correcting Apostrophes in a Memo

Directions: The following brief memorandum contains no punctuation (except end marks). Add punctuation marks where they are needed. When you press Click here to check your answer, you will see your revision and a suggested one. At the end, you will see the original, your revision, and the suggested one all on the same page.

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To Jim Anderson Estimator
From Linda Jackson President
Subject Potential Customer

John Smiths letter attached here presents a challenge to our company. Smiths past experience with moving companies work has left a bad taste in his mouth. Hes dissatisfied with our commpetitors work as he experienced it in previous moves. Please call him as soon as possible to meet him and give him a price for moving his household goods to Atlanta. Youll need to be especially careful to identify Smiths antiques and paintings for special treatment. Apparrently loss or damage to these valuable items was a particular sore spot for him in his past experiences. Hell appreciate 1m sure your careful attention but you always pay careful attenntion to a customers needs so I neednt worry about satisfying him.

Thanks for giving this matter your most professional attention.


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