Application Letter Planning Guide

This guide contains requirement for this assignment and a planning process for thinking about key details of this assignment:

  1. Requirements
  2. Planning process

Application Letter Requirements

Remember that you will not get a chance to revise this letter. Use this list to carefully check over your draft. Application letters must contain the following:

Name the file containing this letter yourhandle_applett.doc (or whatever extension your software uses, such as .odt for Open Office Writer documents). Send this file to your instructor by e-mail attachment. Expect to receive confirmation from your instructor that your files have been received. If you don't receive e-mail confirmation in 3 or 4 days, get in touch with your instructor.

Before you turn this writing project in, scan it for these errors which you studied at the beginning of semester:

  • Comma splices
  • Fragments
  • Pronoun-reference agreement
  • Apostrophes
  • Introductory element commas
  • Compound sentence commas
  • Compound predicate commas

Remember that errors in the list will cause unfortunate problems with your grades.

Planning the Application Letter

Use this planner to define the key details for your application letter (it is not required). When you are through, you can e-mail this planning information to yourself.

  1. To get started on this project, read the textbook section on business letters and application letters.

  2. Be sure and take a look at these application-letter examples.
  3. Explain which parts of your background—education, work experience, or other—you plan to highlight in this application letter.
  4. Explain how these areas of your background are specifically related to the employment you are seeking. (Remember that in the application letter you must draw the connection between your qualifications and the requirements of the job.)
  5. Remember that the opening paragraph of the application letter often contains an "attention-getter," some quick reference to the writer's best qualification. Describe the attention getter you could use in the opening paragraph of your application letter.
  6. Application letters are often less effective because they lack specific details about education and experience. In the box below, list as many specifics as you can concerning those parts of your background related to the employment you are seeking (for example, model or brand names, version numbers, dates, names, GPA, course titles, amounts of time or money).
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