Technical-Report Finish-Up Guide

Use this guide to ensure that you do the necessary finish-up work on your technical report.

  1. Be sure that you review the technical-report assignment, which states the requirements on the content, format, length, and other such details for this assignment.
  2. This planning guide assumes you have done the report planning back at the beginning of the semester. If you have not identified a topic, audience, report type, situation, and other such preliminary things, see the report-planning guide.
  3. In particular, you need to have read the following chapters (or sections of them ) in the textbook:
  4. Also, be sure and take a look at these technical reports.
  5. If you have not done so already, use the chapter on searching for information.
  6. If you have not done so already, use the chapter on documenting borrowed information to indicate the sources of the information your borrow to write your report.
  7. Remember that in the final report you must use the format for headings, lists, notices, tables, and graphics as shown in the textbook. Please review these sections if necessary.
  8. Be sure to include the descriptive and informative abstract with this final report, formatted as indicated in the chapter on abstracts. Remember that the abstracts count as a separate grade alongside the final report in the gradebook. Use the abstracts planning guide to guide you through all the study and preparation phases for the abstracts.
  9. Please use this template for your report, handbook, guide—whatever you call it. See how to use the template in this video: Note: The section on formatting the TOC did not turn out well: instead, see the TOC video.
  10. Use the prototype video to see how to use the prototype.
  11. Use the TOC video to see how to construct a professional-looking table of contents for your report.
  12. Two options for sending in this final report; check with your instructor to see which one is required:
    • Name the files of your final report using your first name and initial followed by _finalrepx (where x is the sequence number for each file): for example, davidm_finalrep1.doc, davidm_finalrep2.doc, and so on.

      Attach these files to e-mail that you send to your instructor. If after 2 days you do not have confirmation that your files have been received, contact your instructor.
    • Print out and bind the report with covers and labels as explained in the textbook and online. Hand the report in on the day requested by your instructor.

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