Oral Report Planner

This guide contains requirements for this assignment and a planning process for thinking about key details of this assignment:

  1. Requirements
  2. Planning process

Requirements for the Oral Report

The following describes the requirements for the oral report.

In this online course, you can send a script written in the word-processsing software of your choice or create an audio file. If you go with audio, choose your medium: .wav or .au, cassette, phone, in-person, video, CD. Make sure that you identify yourself somehow in whichever medium you use. However, do not use "minis," as in microcassettes or tiny camcorder tapes.

Here are the requirements:

Name your oral report with your handle followed by _oralrep followed by whatever extension your software used: for example, davidmc_oralrep.doc.

Planning an Oral Report

Use this planner to define the key details for your oral report (it is not required). You can then e-mail to yourself (and to your instructor, if you wish).

  1. Take a look at these example oral-report scripts.
  2. Listen to this recording of an oral report by a former ENGL 2311 student: podcast. Thanks, Stefan!
  3. Make sure you have carefully read the requirements for the oral-report assignment (above).
  4. Describe the intended audience for your oral report. (Remember that this is the real or realistic group of people for whom you are writing your technical report, not your instructor.) Try using the audience planner for this.
  5. Explain the purpose of this oral report. What are you trying to accomplish in this oral report?
  6. List the main parts of your oral report (excluding the introduction) and describe what each will contain.
  7. Describe the visuals (transparencies, charts, objects, handouts) that you will use (or would use if this is the strictly online version of the course) in the oral report.
  8. Sketch out how you plan to give an overview of what you'll cover in the introduction to your oral report.
  9. Sketch out how you plan to generate some interest or get your audience's attention in the introduction to your oral report.
  10. Sketch out how you intend to indicate purpose of your oral report in the introduction.
  11. Sketch out the verbal headings you'll use—how you'll lead your audience from one part of your oral report to the next.
  12. Discuss how you'll conclude your oral report.
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