Process Discussion Planning Guide

This guide contains requirement for this assignment and a planning process for thinking about key details of this assignment:

  1. Requirements
  2. Planning process

Requirements for the Process Writing Project

For this writing project, you write about a process—a mechanical, natural, biological, social, or psychological process. Your goal in this project is to enable readers to understand how the process occurs and what enables the process to occur. Your process discussion can be no longer than one page (singlespaced), two pages (doublespaced). If you really get into it, I can handle more.

Here are the requirements for the process discussion:

Note: To be safe, keep a safe copy of this and all other assignments. Expect to receive confirmation from your instructor that your files have been received. If you don't receive e-mail confirmation in 3 or 4 days, get in touch with your instructor.

Before you turn this writing project in, scan it for these errors which you studied at the beginning of semester:

Planning a Process Writing Project

Use this planner to define the key details for your technical process discussion (it is not required). When you are through, you can e-mail this planning information to yourself (and to your instructor, if you wish).

  1. If you've not already done so, read the section on process discussions in the online textbook.
  2. In the box below, briefly discuss the process you are going to write about. If you've studied the chapter on definitions, sketch a formal sentence definition of the process.

  3. Describe the intended audience for your process discussion—who are these readers? Why do they need to read about this process? (Try using the audience planner for this.)

  4. List the steps or phases that occur in the process you are going to write about.

  5. Explain how you are going to "supplement" your discussion of the process. Are you going to use description, causal discussion, comparison, classification? ("Supplementary" discussion is explained in the online textbook chapter on process.)

  6. Remember that in any technical writing, you may need to define potentially unfamiliar terms. In the box below, list the terms that you'll use in your process discussion that will need to be defined.

  7. List the first- and second-level headings you'll use. (See the chapter on headings in the online textbook.)
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