Resume Planning Guide

This guide contains requirement for this assignment and a planning process for thinking about key details of this assignment:

  1. Requirements
  2. Planning process


For this project, you write a resume. (To guide you through this assignment, try using the following planning guide.

On a cover page, include a brief note describing the audience and the job requirements. Indicate information about the requirements of your audience, and other details that affect how you develop your resume.

Remember that you will not get a chance to revise this resume; be your own editor. Your resume will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

Name the file containing this resume yourhandle_resume.doc (or whatever extension your software uses, such as .odt for Open Office Writer documents). Send this file to your instructor by e-mail attachment. Expect to receive confirmation from your instructor that your files have been received. If you don't receive e-mail confirmation in 3 or 4 days, get in touch with your instructor.

Before you turn this writing project in, scan it for these errors which you studied at the beginning of semester:

  • Comma splices
  • Fragments
  • Pronoun-reference agreement
  • Apostrophes
  • Introductory element commas
  • Compound sentence commas
  • Compound predicate commas

Remember that errors in the list will cause unfortunate problems with your grades.

Planning Process

Use this planner to define the key details for your resume (it is not required). When you are through, you can e-mail this planning information to yourself.

  1. To get started on this project, read the textbook section on resumes.
  2. Be sure and take a look at these example resumes
  3. Find an advertisement for a job you'd like to be hired for. It can be one for which you are qualified now or one for which you hope to be qualified for some day. Briefly describe what the job advertisement states in the box below.
  4. Describe the intended audience for your resume—who are these readers? (Try using the audience planner for this.)
  5. Describe the employment your are seeking.
  6. Describe the three or four most important qualifications for this employment.
  7. List and describe the three or four most important areas of your education and work experience, and then for each one list your specific educational and work experience that applies to it.
  8. Make a list of each job you've had; and then list the job titles, duties, accomplishments, awards, and other such details for that job. (If you've held a number of similar part-time jobs, group them.)
  9. Do the same for each phase of your education: list the important courses you've taken, your GPA, awards, special projects, internships, and other such detail.
  10. Try constructing a highlights summary. Remember that this is the bulleted list, occurring toward the top of the resume, that shows your or six most important qualifications.
  11. Try constructing a goals or objective section for your resume. Remember that this section characterizes both the employment or career you are seeking as well as your main qualifications.

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