Technical Writing 101: Chapter 1 Reading Quiz

Answer the questions in this quiz to see how well you've read and understood the chapter. Feel free to look up answers in the book and retake this quiz until you get all the answers right.

This quiz is based on Technical Writing 101: A Real-World Guide to Planning and Writing Technical Content, Alan Pringle & Sara O'Keefe, Kindle edition. ASIN B004NEW1M4.

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  1. What does this chapter say about this sentence: Select the name of the building in which you work?
    It is a perfectly fine well-structured sentence. Nothing is wrong with it.
    It is phrased in a slangy way.
    It is phrased in a somewhat pretentious manner.
  2. Which of the following best defines "The Family Test"?
    It shows whether your family members can define what a technical writer does.
    It shows whether your family members can understand what you have written.
    It shows whether your family members approve of what you do as technical writer.
  3. Which of the following explains how much technical knowledge a technical writer must have?
    The technical writer's knowledge must be on a level with that of the product developers.
    The technical writer need know nothing abiout the product or its technology.
    Technical writers should have basic knowledge about the technology they document.
  4. What does this chapter mean by stating that a technical writer is a translator?
    You must be able to explain complicated concepts so that nonexperts can understand.
    You must be fluent in at least one language other than English and be able to translate to and from it.
    You must be able to explain to programmers why users do not undersatand how to use the systems they develop.
  5. How fast a typist should you be as a technical writer?
    40-50 words per minute
    50-100 words per minute
    20-40 words per minute


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