Technical Writing 101: Chapter 5 Reading Quiz

Answer the questions in this quiz to see how well you've read and understood the chapter. Feel free to look up answers in the book and retake this quiz until you get all the answers right.

This quiz is based on Technical Writing 101: A Real-World Guide to Planning and Writing Technical Content, Alan Pringle & Sara O'Keefe, Kindle edition. ASIN B004NEW1M4.

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  1. According to this chapter, technical writers are also called which of the following?
    Information technologists
    Research associates
    Technical developers
    Information developers
  2. Who writes the technical or functional specification?
    Technical writers
    Product developers
    Lead editors
    Information developers
  3. Which of the following best characterizes the technical specification?
    Can be inaccurate, incomplete, out of date.
    Provides all the information a technical writer needs to write product documentation.
    Does not exist.
  4. When you write software documentation, you should mainly do which of the following?
    Explain the functions of the menu choices.
    Focus on the tasks that the user performs.
    Focus on the organization of the interface.
    Guide users through the graphical user interface (GUI).
  5. When should you do screen captures for a software documentation project?
    As soon as possible so that developers can check their accuracy
    As late as possible to account for project changes
    Not at all; don't use screen captures.


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