Technical Writing 101: Appendix A Reading Quiz

Answer the questions in this quiz to see how well you've read and understood the chapter. Feel free to look up answers in the book and retake this quiz until you get all the answers right.

This quiz is based on Technical Writing 101: A Real-World Guide to Planning and Writing Technical Content, Alan Pringle & Sara O'Keefe, Kindle edition. ASIN B004NEW1M4.

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  1. Often, technical writer jobs expect experience with a software application. What is this appendix's advice if you do not have experience with that application?
    Do not apply for the job.
    Take a seminar in which learn the application.
    Teach yourself the application.
    Apply for the job; expect to have an opportunity to learn the application in your first month on the job.
  2. What is this appendix's advice on getting or even having technical understanding?
    Accentuate the computer software and hardware that you already know.
    Get a degree in computer information systems or in some area of engineering.
    Employers do not expect technical understanding from technical writers.
    Do not apply for technical writing employment that requires technical understanding.
  3. What is this appendix's position on the value of a liberal arts degree?
    It is as useful as a parka in the Sahara.
    It is considerably less valuable compared to degrees in computer science or engineering.
    It is valued because it shows writing ability and research and organization capabilities.
    The appendix does not offer advice on this subject.
  4. According to this appendix, how should you dress for an interview?
    Dress the way the current employees dress.
    Dress in the same style that people in that region dress.
    Dress a notch or two above how the current employees dress.
    The appendix does not offer advice on this subject.
  5. This appendix argues that the best starting point for employment as a technical writer is which of the following?
    Full-time employment
    Temporary contract work
    Freelance technical writing
    Employment as a programmer or engineer


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