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Entrepreneur (ENGL 2311)
Report-Project Memos

Click a memo and press View the selected memo. Please know that if someone else has written about your topic, that doesn't keep you from writing about it also. You're likely to treat the topic differently; plus, I don't get bored. -- David

Kaitlin SI am responding to the request of a business plan for a new event
planning company to be integrated into an existing wedding venue.
Mariana PatinoThe information requested is to those college students worldwide
who attend college and are regularly stressed. College students
want to understand ways to reduce this stress.
Marina KThe RFP I am responding to is requesting a technical background
report on Mobile access control solutions.
Richard TrevinoFunding for Connect Possibilities Non-Profit Organization that serves as
the leadership and governing body for workforce funding disbursement
for the Central Texas area workforce system.
Monica R.The RFP that I am responding to a request for an informational
report on how to obtain a passport in Texas for the first time.
Stephanie JThe RFP that I am responding to is a request to provide the store with
the produce they need.
Brianna BThe RFP that I am responding to is a request to determine the
online fashion shopping spending habits of women in the US.
Bryan PThere was a request to provide information on costs and potential
benefits of incorporating additional technology into security that is
already in place for the residents of the Jester Farms Home Owners
Torin MThe request was made for a technical background report on the care of
children with autism within a daycare setting.
kaylin mUsing canines for anxiety attacks. (The pros and consequences.)
Jemma S.An RFP requesting a technical background report on how to grow herbs
and vegetables.
Anna Rebekah, HThe RFP I am responding to was requested by the American Bee Association on information for starting a local honey bee removal service and sustaining those hive populations.
DLana BRequesting a business plan for a custom-made, industrial-modern style, high-end modular furniture line that is handcrafted and unique but easily and cheaply shipped worldwide.
Emily SI will be providing a guide with information about different savings accounts, with the associated fees and interest rates, for the average consumer to use when selecting the best account for their use.
Anh PThe information was requested by a private high school to reduce the
risk of having diabetes from junk food.
Sneha KThe organization requests for a technical report that gives the
components of an opioid addiction and helps provide information on
how to treat them.
Max P.The RFP is requesting a standard operating procedure document for its
newly hired employees on how to perform a set up on an electric guitar.
Fabian FThe RFP that I am responding to a request for an informational
report on why NCAA players should be paid.
Grant FRequest for student membership or alternative to golf for lower
prices at the University golf course.
Garth CThe RFP is requesting background information and treatment
options for Dupuytren's contracture, also known as Viking Hand.
The report will focus on treatment through hand therapy and
optimizing hand function in people affected by this disease.
sky a The document requested by the Texas Commission on Fire Protection, is for the proper use and allocation of smoke removal devices on fire scenes.
Brenda SThe RFP asks a report to get more funds in order to keep Austin Pets Alive shelters
Clint RHEB grocery is looking to upgrade its servers within its information
solutions department. AMD's EPYC cpu will be the heart of this
conversion offering more performance at a better price than Intel's
best offering.
Megan CThey are requesting a report on the value of Planed Parenthood and why
the federal government should not defund that organization.
Antonio RA company for freight tracking has employed too many people for tasks
that are better suited for a computer program to execute. Their RFP is a
call for a product that will automate the monitoring and map creation
process for GPS devices.
Cameron CAn organization requesting information about the negative effects of
hydraulic fracturing (Fracking).
Seren YBusiness plan for boat motorized food trailers in Austin, Texas.
Coltan NThe request is for a technical report over aircraft performance
characteristics for aerospace engineering students.
Elisa R.To make the public aware of potential negative health factors of root
Sadia M.The RFP that I am responding to is from a record label asking for information regarding music registration and distribution, with an emphasis on digital registration and distribution.
Vicky PInformation is requested for individuals who would like to create a small business.
Matthew LA technical report on how robotics can assist a disabled child
who cannot attend school.
Vicky PThis RFP is in response about how to start a small business.
Sandra AA RFP on policies and procedures for the Covering Home Project
for volunteering for different events in the community every
month though the Round Rock Express.
David.GIn an effort to dispel stereotypes and a decline in bowling. The United States Bowling Congress has started a new effort to introduce and encourage new generation to the sport.
David Mcreq
David Mcreq
Sophia Nicole AsteriaThe RFP requests a report on the impact of neonicotinoids on the
honey bees in America.
Jay HancockI am to write a technical background report on general usage of Apple's
GarageBand digital audio workstation, which is freely available for every
Martin DThe RFP is requesting for the development of an standardized Standard
Operating Procedures (SOP) document for military organizations detailing
the logistical procedures and processes required for assigned
organizational personnel at the brigade level and below.
David.GBasic fundamentals of bowling to promote fun exercise.
Ryan Jackson MountsRequest for Basic Guide for Power Amplifier operation for live
Ryan Jackson MountsI am fulfilling a Request from Top Hat for a basic guide to computer
Michael H.I intend to do a formal technical report by conducting a general study
of opioid addiction. This report will identify the components of opioid
addiction and the methods of treatment. This document is requested
by Addiction and Psychotherapy Services: Aeschbach Heinz MD.
Bryce LThe RFP I am responding to is a request to recommend a performance
enhancing automobile part that is fuel-efficient and will uphold Honda's
name in quality.
Adam GThe State Bar of California is requesting a formal proposal for a web-
based audio and video conferencing service for the California state bar
association and its members.
Jeremiah M.Cost/benefits of repackaging the Faulk Central Library (now closed) to
a homeless-transition center

Too many complaints from downtown businesses about the homeless
problem near Red River district and Sixth Street.
Gunther von SThe Round Rock Fire Departmemt (RRFD) is looking for a new vehicle
that suits the daily needs of a shift Battalion Chief, as well as those of a
fully functional command vehicle for small to medium sized incidents.
Karin MThe RFP is to identify and recommend grant programs for funding of a
playground shade structure.
Allyson BA manual for a layperson for photobooth operation when owner is
Cassandra L.Side effects of a ketogenic diet, the benefits to following a ketogenic
diet, a list of foods that you may or may not consume under a
ketogenic diet, and an explanation of how a ketogenic diet promotes
weight loss and what a ketogenic diet is.
micah DTMaximum III Crossfit Gym is interested in incorporating more functional
training into there gym classes.
Steve GI will be providing a guide that compares various available modern video game systems to prospective buyers.
Micaela SThe RFP that I'm responding to is requesting a proposal for the purchase
of items or technology that will benefit students and teachers in the
Zelyna BThey are requesting a technical handbook on how to prevent and treat
cardiovascular disease.
Jose A.In order to increase the sale of solar panels, Alba Energy has
requested a technical background report on solar panels.
Juan MA technical report on the options parents of a child with Autism have once the child graduates high school and financial assistance is reduced.
Olivia SAustin Ballet is requesting a technical background report to provide to
their instructors on the signs, symptom, warning signs, and causes of
Anorexia Nervosa in children.
Cody CParents looking for a hobby for their children that will keep them
active and having fun.
Tanyell NThe RFP I am responding to is requesting for research deficits on
the major studies on important gentrification limitations.
Elizabeth DThe Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD) submitted an RFP regarding the use of computers and technology in the area dreamwork.
Elizabeth DThe Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD) submitted an RFP regarding the use of computers and technology in the area dreamwork.
Rashad WThe organization requesting the report is The Woodlands Convention
& Visitors Bureau.
Brittany LThe RFP that I am responding to is requesting a proposal for a youth
mentoring program tailored towards children with behavior problems.
Alfonso S.The RFP I am responding is a proposal about the study of financial and environmental friendly benefits of renewable energy and allowing more funding by lawmakers towards clean energy.
Jay HApple wants a beginner’s guide for their free music-making program
Isaac F.The City of Austin is requesting submissions from Art, Music, and
Theater Non Profit organizations that may benefit children and
adults ages 5 to 21 with disabilities.
Lauren KThe RFP I am responding to is a request from a high school for a technical background report on bipolar disorder and accommodations that can be made for students with the condition.
Bret DThe RFP I am responding to is a request for recruiting and
organizing film festival volunteers.