Entrepreneur (ENGL 2311)
Report-Project Memos

Click a memo and press View the selected memo. Please know that if someone else has written about your topic, that doesn't keep you from writing about it also. You're likely to treat the topic differently; plus, I don't get bored. -- David

Mike RThe RFP that I am responding to requests a handbook for rattlesnake
awareness for entry-level park rangers and guides.
Eduardo MThe RFP that I am responding to is requesting on which high processing
PC laptop the individual should consider buying.
Tracie WeaverThe RFP that I am responding to request is the possible installation of
metal detectors into Texas public schools.
Bradley, M.The RFP requests the description of a concept for secured computing
platform (navigation, data collection and processing, video process
ping, recording and reporting) for aerostats. The RFP also requires a
description of how the concept would be developed to create a
tangible demonstration, and of the team proposed to perform the
Tim WallaceThe Extreme Flag Football League is looking for a proposal to building its own football complex.
Brian Ephraim B.The RFP that I'm responding to requests a learning manual on best
practices in recycling for educators and children age 5-14 for
Pemberly Acres Montessori School.
Ryan ReznickThe RFP that I'm responding to is the request for radio repeater tower to
be added to the Lago Vista area. This would increase the ability to
transmit and monitor radio frequencies in and around Austin.
Colleen B.The effect that development has on the municipal water supply.
Savannah JRequest to turn the Northwest Mall in Houston into a place where the
homeless can find shelter and gain the skills needed to find work and
eventually move into an apartment.
AlisaBMy RFP is responding to the request of customers interested
in purchasing cooking lessons.
Colleen B.The effect that development has on the municipal water supply.
Tiffany RA request to organize the prospective business' office and to do the company's accounting/bookkeeping.
Adrianna MThe RFP I am responding to requests a report on the medical benefits of
Rosie MThe RFP I am responding to requests a report of the use of cannabinoids
in pain relief treatment.
Charles TUnited States military veteran daily suicide percentage.
Robert B Jones JrRequesting U.S. Department of Education Title V funding for
higher education academic program support to address recent
concerns in undergraduate retention and maintaining
satisfactory academic progress toward degree completion.
jacob.BThe RFP I am responding to requests a feasibility report on the Adobe
Suite of creative cloud software for future marketing and advertising
Andrew G.PC gamer that is looking to upgrade to a reasonable and high-end
graphics card. (2018)