Technologist (ENGL 2311)
Report-Project Memos

Click a memo and press View the selected memo. Please know that if someone else has written about your topic, that doesn't keep you from writing about it also. You're likely to treat the topic differently; plus, I don't get bored. -- David

Zahra P.The RFP is requesting information on stem cell research pros and cons,
and how it can help patients with chronic illnesses.
Evan KThe RFP is requesting a feasibility report discussing the uses of additive
technology for relief aid during crises. Additive technologies refer to 3-D printing
and crises primarily are thought of as natural disasters in this context.
Andrew LReport on an investigation of contaminated water found in a local creek.
Murtaza H.The viability of quantum computing as an alternative to meet
consumer demands for greater processing power.