Technologist (ENGL 2311)
Report-Project Memos

Click a memo and press View the selected memo. Please know that if someone else has written about your topic, that doesn't keep you from writing about it also. You're likely to treat the topic differently; plus, I don't get bored. -- David

Hailey Mueller LavigneA report over the current findings of my research thus far.
Robert CThe history and advancement of treatments for patients with type 1
Jackson S.Department of Veterans Affairs source a feasibility report on the needs
of an early start transition program for military members.
Alyssa PThe RFP I am responding to is to request information about which facial brush they should order.
Rebecca DThe RFP I am responding to requests information on the causes and
effects of the recent increase of hydrometerological disasters, including
flooding, hurricanes, wildfires and droughts, and some suggestions for
relieving the problem.

Steven BThe RFP being responded to is from the Peace Corp about the
need for water filtration in low income countries.
Jason MThe RFP I am responding to is requesting information on how to use
sunlight to pull clean water from the dry air. Providing drinking water for
people who do not have access.
Alexander KInformation on the effects of red spectrum light on circadian rhythm
Domin S.It requests information on the effect of Artificial Intelligence on the Job
Market, and recommendations on how to be a competitive force in the
Information Technology Industry throughout these changes.
Delaney BakerThe RFP that I am responding to requests details about the history of
Radium and its use in daily life prior to the 1950s.