Technical & Business Writing: Course Document

Technical & Business Writing is currently being offered as ENGL 2311 at Austin Community College. This document describes the general requirements for all ENGL 2311 courses, regardless of their format or delivery medium.

Course Goals

ENGL 2311 introduces students to the kinds of communication which careers require. The course strengthens writing skills and provides training in clear, orderly, readable writing and in effective speech presentations.


No longer must student who enter ENGL 2311 have completed ENG 1301 Composition I or its equivalent with a passing grade. However, students of ENGL 2311 are also expected to have a good command of standard written English.

Important! This course does not satisfy the prerequisite requirement for literature courses. Students planning to take literature must take ENGL 1302 English Composition II or an equivalent as a prerequisite. Students who intend to transfer to a university must be aware of ENGL 1301 and ENGL 1302 requirements. Please consult with your adviser.


ENGL 2311 consists of some combination of the following assigments, depending on individual instructor preferences:

The course provides instruction in effective writing and speaking practices and an effective, orderly style. Individual instructors may require additional assignments.

Grading Standards

All ENGL 2311 instructors will use the following grading standards:







Revision policies are defined by individual ENGL 2311 instructors.


Each instructor's class policy statement will explain the way in which final course grades will be derived.

Class Policy

At the first class meeting, each TCM instructor will make aailable a statement outlining policies on attendance, office hours, lateness, late assignments, and revisions.


Plagiarism means borrowing or adapting an author's ideas or words without acknowledging their source. Assignments submitted in ENGL 2311 are expected to be original work by the student. The Department of Technical Communications will enforce College policies against plagiarists.

Online ENGL 2311 and These Requirements

Our online ENGL 2311 meets these general requirements in the following ways (individual instructors can modify these policies):