Technical-Writer Portfolios

Technical writers commonly maintain portfolios of their best work. When they interview for jobs, they can show prospective employers samples of what they have done and can do. This program is designed to give you opportunities to create items for a portfolio. True, they may not be "real-world" examples, but they do represent serious effort on your part.

About Portfolios

In this course, you create an online portfolio on the Web. This way, you can send the web address (URL) to prospective employers (and your instructor). Be sure to include plenty of navigation choices (such as menus and links) so that visitors to your portfolio site can get around easily.

Note: This project assumes you will create an online portfolio on the Web. If this is a problem, contact your instructor.

Read about Portfolios

Read or review any of the information on technical-writer portfolios (if you know of others, contact

Put Your Portfolio Online

Students in this course have had good success with free website hosts at and—without knowing any HTML or CSS. Below are portfolios developed by students in this program.

Here are some portfolios written specifically for this course:

  • Portfolio of Angela Garcia
  • Portfolio of Sydney Iskia
  • Portfolio of Debra McClure
  • Portfolio of James Leclair
  • Portfolio of Joshua Solge
  • Portfolio of Tania Hagedorn
  • Portfolio of Matthew McGinnis
  • Portfolio of Carolyn Miller
  • Portfolio of Ian Alexander
  • Portfolio of Jennifer Glick
  • Portfolio of Elias Andrade
  • Portfolio and Resume of Susan E. Huckle
  • Plan and Create Your Portfolio

    For this course, be sure to include the following in your portfolio:

    Also, use any of the items you've written in the this program or in other contexts. Include papers and reports you wrote for college. Dig up documents you wrote for jobs you've had in the past. Here are some ideas:

    Send Your Portfolio

    When you've finished, send the web address of your online portfolio to your instructor.

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