Technical-Writer Resumes

In this part of the course, you study the format, style, organization, and contents of resumes specifically developed for technical-writing employment. You'll start by doing some readings, then review a selection of technical-writer resumes, and end by creating your own resume.

For general guidelines and strategies, see resumes.

Study Technical-Writer Resumes

Read or review any of the additional information on the resumes of professional technical writers. (If you know of any others, contact

Analyze Technical-Writer Resumes

Now, review at least three technical-writer resumes for their design, organization, and content.

Go to the STC–Austin website and analyze at least three distinctly different technical-writing resumes (and keep track of the web addresses). You can also browse STC chapters for additional resume examples.

Develop Your Own Technical-Writing Resume

Now that you've studied resumes for technical writers, you ought to be ready to write or revise your own.

From your review of other technical-writer resumes, you know how much they vary in design. Design your own resume as you see fit, but keep these guidelines in mind:

Send Your Resume

Name the file containing your resume according to the directions on your course page. Send it to your instructor by e-mail attachment.

Note: To be safe, keep a safe copy of this and all other assignments. Expect to receive confirmation from your instructor that your e-mail attachments have been received. If you don't receive e-mail confirmation in 3 or 4 days, get in touch with your instructor.

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