Getting Started in ENGL 2311/ETWR 1002

To get started for the technologist/scientists track in this course, go to each of the links listed here, and read the information carefully:

    1. Watch the course overview. (ACCstudent is the password.)
      Note: You may need to click the Full Screen button to be able to see better and be ready to click the Pause button if things go too fast. If this Mp4 does not work for you, I can generate an MP3 which will. Let me know.
    2. Read about the course: a description, its objectives, policies, and grading plan.
    3. Fill out the questionnaire. Your information will be kept confidential.
    4. Write the personal memo to introduce yourself to your instructor and the rest of the class. This memo will be password-protected; only our class can see these memos; the password is the "handle" you specified when you filled out the questionnaire.
    5. See the personal memos and read about the rest of the class.

    Return to your schedule page: Technologist

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