Abstracts Planning Guide

This guide contains requirement for this assignment and a planning process for thinking about key details of this assignment:

  1. Requirements
  2. Planning process


For this project, you write an informative and a descriptive abstract on your final report, which you include with the final report (as shown in the report format chapter in the online textbook).

To guide you through this assignment, try using the abstract planner, which will take you through every step necessary to produce this writing project.

These abstracts will be a part of your final report—don't send them separately.

For the informative abstract:

For the descriptive abstract:

Before you turn this writing project in, scan it for these errors which you studied at the beginning of semester:

Remember that errors in the list will cause unfortunate problems with your grades.

Planning Abstracts

Use this planner to define the key details for your informative and descriptive abstracts as well as your executive summary. When you are through, you can e-mail this planning information to yourself.

  1. To get started on project, read the sections in the chapter on abstracts and executive summaries.
  2. Next, read the requirements. Be sure you understand that you are to write two abstracts—an informative abstract and a descriptive abstract.

    Note: Check with your instructor to find out if filling out the following planning information is a requirement in ENGL 2311.

  3. Describe the intended audience for your abstracts—who are these readers? (Try using the audience planner for this.)
  4. Estimate the length of your report in words, lines, or pages.
  5. Using the guidelines in the chapter on abstracts in the textbook, how long should your informative abstract be (in words, lines, or pages)?
  6. How many main sections are there in your report? What are the topics covered in those main sections? List these in the box below.
  7. In the box below, give a rough estimate for the length of each section in your report in percentages.
  8. Remember that each section of the informative abstract must be roughly proportional to the length of its corresponding section in the original. In the box below, estimate (in words, lines, or pages) the length of the section in the informative abstract. (For example, if you had a 1000-line article, the abstract would be 100 lines long, and a section that took up one-fourth of the article would take up 25 lines in the abstract.)
  9. In the box below, write a sentence that itemizes the main contents of your final report. Use the in-sentence list format for this sentence. Remember that a sentence like this is one of the most important components of the descriptive abstract.
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