Miscellaneous Errors and Problems

Here's a miscellany of standard rules that people need to know for doing well in this course. Study these carefully and review your writing projects for these rules before handing them in.

  1. Avoid extend text with italics, bold, all-caps, color, or combinations thereof. This is what notices are for.
  2. Write out acronyms on first occurence:

    In 1977 and 1978, NASA launched the first two High-Energy Astronomy Observation (HEAO) satellites to study black holes.
  3. Do not use init caps on written-out versions of acronyms if the written-out version is not proper noun:

    The "brain" of the computer is the central processing unit (CPU).
  4. Avoid wrong or unnecesssary caps: https://www.prismnet.com/~hcexres/textbook/gram2.html#cap
  5. Avoid using the slash: it can mean per, and, or, and/or, or through. Plus, it's just plain lazy.
  6. Avoid Latin abbreviations: i.e., e.g., and especially etc. For etc., rephrase with such as ... and:
  7. Use the semicolon correctly: https://www.prismnet.com/~hcexres/textbook/gram1.html#semi
  8. Skip a line between parags, before and after lists.
  9. Write the figure title (caption) below the figure; write the table title above the table. For details, see figures and tables, charts, graphs.
  10. Explain the main trend in any figure, table, or chart in the text just before, and include a cross-reference: https://www.prismnet.com/~hcexres/textbook/cross.html
  11. Keep type size in tables and figures the same as the size in regular body text (no larger).

Programs and information provided by davidm@austincc.edu.