Designing Notices

In this lab, you study unformatted text and decide whether notices can be used and which types, and then reformat the text using your preferred word-processing software:

  1. For each item, copy the text, and paste it into your preferred word-processing software.
  2. Study the unformatted text carefully to determine whether notices can be used and which types, and then reformat the text accordingly.
  3. Name this file beginning with some identifiable part of your name followed by _noticedesign, and e-mail it to your instructor.

Installing Filepad

Filepad takes only a few minutes to install on most computers. When you are ready to install the Filepad application:
  1. Close all Windows programs.
  2. Insert the Filepad CD in the CD-ROM drive. The following dialog box appears:
  3. Select OK and follow the on-screen instructions. If the opening screen does not appear, you can manually install the application, as follows:

    Installation Dialog Box

Using the Tractor for Towing

Use the trailer hitch only for towing purposes, and keep the tractor's three-point linkage in a raised position when towing with the drawbar. Incorrect positioning can create an imbalance causing the tractor to roll over and result in serious injury or death.

  1. In the first box, enter your Doing Business As (D/B/A) name (for example, Bob's Gifts). Your D/B/A name is the name you use for your business as it appears on your storefront, business card, or brochure.
  2. In the second box, enter the legal name of your business (for example, Spectrum Enterprises, Inc.). The legal name is the name you used when you filed a business formation form with your state's Division of Revenue.
  3. If you are using a name for your business that is different from the one on your business formation forms, you must register the additional name as a D/B/A name. Not every business has a D/B/A name that is separate from its legal name. If you are using the name that appears on your business formation forms, enter that name in both boxes.

Maintaining the Crop Although the potatoes are now in the ground, it is important to follow some simple procedures to guarantee the success of your potato yield. This is a crop with a fairly long growing period, so maintenance of the garden will ensure success. The steps for maintenance include: (1) weeding the plants, (2) fertilizing the plants, (3) controlling insects, and (4) watering when necessary.
  1. Weeding the plants should be done on a regular basis. Use a sharp-pointed hoe to chop out the foreign weeds. Removal of the chopped weeds will ensure that they do not start to grow again. The vines of the potato can grow freely along the ground. Be careful not to damage the growing plant.
  2. Fertilizing the plants of the potato can ensure growth above and below the ground. The type of soil will determine the correct fertilizer to be used. A local nursery can provide the information you need.

Harvesting the Potatoes After several months of anticipation, your potatoes should be carefully observed to determine if they are ready to be harvested. Because your crop should provide potatoes for many meals to come, it is important to finalize your project with the following procedures for harvesting: (1) determining correct time of harvest, (2) removing potatoes from the ground, and (3) storing the potatoes for extended use.
  1. Determining the time of harvest will depend upon several factors. When the vines have completely died down, the potatoes below the ground will no longer grow. You may also check the size of your potatoes by digging up in various spots throughout your garden.
  2. Removing potatoes from the ground will be hard work but very rewarding. Very carefully dig up a large area of earth around each vine using a spading fork. Turn over the soil and carefully remove the potatoes from the soil. Allow the potatoes to dry completely.
  3. Storing the potatoes for extended use will allow you to enjoy them for many months to come. The best environment for storing potatoes is a cool, dark place with plenty of air. Slat crates are much better than solid boxes or bins. Potatoes that have been dug up should not be exposed to the sun any longer than is necessary to remove dirt. The sun will make the potatoes acquire an unpleasant flavor.
Although the process of raising potatoes is a time-consuming, lengthy procedure, the results can be very satisfying. Not only can you enjoy the benefits for many months, you may also be able to share your harvest with friends and neighbors.

Starting the Tractor

Especially in cold weather, always allow the tractor to idle to warm up for at least 5 minutes and build up sufficient oil pressure to ensure normal operating temperature for easier startup on next use.

Locking Tractor Implements

Always set the lowering speed control knob knob to lock when

  • Traveling on the road
  • Replacing tires or blades on an implement
  • Making adjustments to an implement. Dropping of an implement suddenly due to hydraulic problems can cause serious injury or death.

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