Notice Formatting Practice

In this session, you study unformatted text and then follow instructions to add notices to that text using your preferred word-processing software:

  1. For each item, copy the text, and paste it into your preferred word-processing software.
  2. Follow the directions for adding notices, and then reformat the text accordingly.
  3. See notices in the online technical writing textbook for the format.
  4. Name this file beginning with some identifiable part of your name followed by _noticeformat, and e-mail it to your instructor.

  1. Reformat the portion of the paragraph beginning with "Do not perform" through "your immediate supervisor" as a note:
  2. This new-employee workstation guideline steers network administrators through all of the phases of new employee workstation setup. Setup tasks include (1) assessment of hardware, software, and network requirements, (2) acquisition of hardware and software, (3) installation and configuration of workstations, (4) environment testing, (5) workstation implementation, and (6) new employee training.

    To do these tasks, network administrators must be familiar with the operating systems supporting our network. If you need assistance with a software installation procedure, refer to the appropriate software installation guide.

    If you follow the tasks outlined below, workstation setup will be a one-time instance. Do not perform any workstation-setup tasks without an approved requisition form. Use our electronic purchasing approval system to obtain requisition approval. If you need help using the purchasing system, contact your immediate supervisor.
  3. Reformat the portion of the paragraph beginning with "Use only those items" through "exclusively for your aquarium" as a caution:
  4. Equipment Check

    Before you begin make sure you have all of the needed equipment and chemicals. If you begin draining your aquarium and have to make an emergency trip to the pet store, you risk losing fish while your aquarium sits half-empty. To avoid this, the equipment and supplies you will need are listed below:

      water conditioner
      clean filters
      pipe cleaner brushes
      soft cloth
      siphon tube

    Use only those items that you know have never been used to contain or clean up chemicals or paint. Once you gather these items, use them exclusively for your aquarium.
  5. Reformat the portion of the paragraph beginning with "The field entitled Name" through "from the scroll table" as a note. Make sure that this note aligns to the text of the preceding step:
  6. Using the Wizard. Excel assists you in creating a wizard:

    1. After the database opens, scroll down the worksheet and note the range of the data. It reaches from cell A5 to cell E71.
    2. In the menu bar, click Data and select Pivot Table Report....
    3. In the first pop-up window for the PivotTable Wizard, ensure the radio button for Microsoft Excel list or database is selected, and click Next.
    4. For the range, type in the textbox A5:E71. Click Next.
    5. Drag and drop the fields to compile the data. Click Gender, and place it into the area named Row. Click Salary, and place it into the area named Column. Click Name, and place it into the area named Data. Click Next. The field entitled Name will change to Count of Name when dropped into the Data section. If it doesn't, double-click Name, and choose Count from the scroll table.
    6. Ensure the radio button Existing worksheet is selected. Click Finished.
  7. Reformat the portion of the paragraph beginning with "Before you begin" through "if used properly" as a warning:
  8. Solder the Stained-Glass Pieces Together

    After you've designed your stained glass window and cut the pieces, the next step is to solder them together. Before you begin, remember to use the proper safety measures for soldering. Because the solder fumes contain lead, your work area must be well-ventilated. Be careful not to get the liquid flux on your skin, since it can burn if not washed off quickly. Also be very careful when soldering. Always unplug the soldering gun if you leave the area. Soldering irons are extremely hot and can cause injury if not used properly.

    1. Right before you start soldering, apply the liquid flux onto the copper foil. The flux bottle should come with its own brush. Use this to paint the exposed foil covering the glass. Don't forget to paint the outside edges as well.
    2. Unroll a length of solder from the roll and melt a dab onto the exposed copper, pushing it along the butting joints so it forms an even bead covering the joint and connecting the pieces of glass (see figure 5). Continue this work until all joints are covered, including the outer rim (although you do not have to do the outside edge yet).
    Note: To extend your word-processing skills, see if you can create a hanging ident for this warning. (Hint: the tab and the hang indent should be anywhere from 0.63 in. to 0.8 in.) It would look like this (with paragraph symbols showing):

  9. Reformat the text enclosed in parentheses as a danger notice; place this danger notice before step 4 or between the heading and the lead-in; add a border around this danger notice for further emphasis:
  10. Installing the Appliance

    To install the Crystal Clean 401 washing machine:

    1. Remove the appliance from it packaging.
    2. Position the appliance near a water supply line and standpipe.
    3. Connect the rubber hose to the water supply line, and insert the drain hose into the standpipe.
    4. Insert the plug into a wall socket.
    5. Open the water-supply shut-off valve. (To avoid electrocution and damage to the appliance, use a grounded wall socket; and before connecting the appliance, ensure that the voltage indicated on the appliance corresponds to the local voltage.)
  11. Reformat the last paragraph as a caution notice; make the individual cautionary statements separate numbered-list items; use "To avoid damage to your laundry and appliance:" as the lead-in:
  12. Loading the Appliance

    To load the Crystal Clean 401 washing machine:

    1. Open the basket and insert the laundry.
    2. Close the basket and add detergent to the detergent reservoir on the basket.
    3. Close the lid.
    To avoid damage to your laundry and appliance, sort the laundry, according to washing temperature, following the instructions on the garment label. If the fabric consists of several fibers, always select the program required by the most delicate fabric. If, for example, an article consists of 60% polyester and 40% cotton, use the program indicated for polyester. Use only standard detergents. Do not put any other chemicals (for example, salt) in the detergent reservoir. Also, ensure the load does not exceed 4 kilograms.

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