Recommendation Report Formatting Project

This project gives you an introduction to an important type of report—the recommendation report—which is useful in consulting work.

Note: Name your recommendation-report file using your first name and initial followed by _recommrep1 (changing the number with each successive draft): for example, davidm_recommrep1.doc.

If you've not studied recommendation reports yet, see:

To format the text of the recommendation report:

  1. Download the text at
  2. Download the first graphic: new_recomm_practice1.gif
  3. Download the second graphic: new_recomm_practice2.gif
  4. Read the instructions at the top of that page. You supply paragraph breaks, headings, numbered and bulleted lists, summary table, and corrections (as listed on the materials page).
  5. Download the template document. This template shows you exactly how your formatting work should look. Just paste your text over the existing text. Just replace the existing text with your text. Doing it this way, you use the same Word styles and get the same format.
  6. Add headings carefully. Make sure you have a heading that signals the start of the comparisons, and subheadings forv each of the individual comparisons.
  7. The conclusions section is formatted as regular paragraph text. Format it according to the guidelines you see for recommendation reports. Be sure and add secondary conclusions and the final conclusion to this section.
  8. Reformat the material for the summary table as a table. (It is in paragraph form in the materials file.)
  9. Format the information-sources page, using the guidelines at

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