Selected Report Titles

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If you see something here that you want to do, don't worry about duplicating someone else's work. Your definition of the audience and situation and your overall approach to the project will make your report original. (Also, some of the report listed here are old and likely to be badly outdated; others are quite limited, only covering a portion of the topic.)

Health and Medicine

Report on Melatonin
Report on Overcoming Osteoporosis
Report on Hair Loss Due to Chemotherapy
Report on an Introduction to Lasers and Their Use in Medicine
Report on Material Alcohol Consumption During Pregnancy: The Effect on the Fetus
Caffeine: A Study of Its Uses and Biological Effects
Home Care Guide for Ankylosis Spondylitis Patients
Handbook for Diabetics, Families, and Friends
Report on Artificial Methods of Combating Heart Disease
Report on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: Recognition and Prevention
Report on Preventing Birth Defects in Pregnant Teenagers
Report on Counseling Program for Liver Transplant Patients
Report on Hyperactive Children
Instruction Manual for Neck, Back, and Hip Massage
Report on AIDS-Associated Tuberculosis
Report on Treatments for Carcinoma of the Breast
Report on Diverticular Disease
Report on New Methods for Helping Diabetics
Report on Natural Hygiene
Causes and Treatment of Stomach Ulcers
Long-Distance Running and Walking
Post-Anesthesia Admission Assessment
Opti-Zyme Enzymatic Cleaner Tablet


How to Do a Manicure
Hair Tinting Retouch


Preservation of Food
Canning at Home
Shrimp Pasta Primavera and Creamy Pineapple Dip
Making a Perfect Apple Pie
How to Cook the Perfect Crepe
How to Make a Homemade Pizza
Mary Lasagna
How to Cook the Ultimate Turkey
Apple-Maple-Oat Bread/Muffins

Biological Science

Identification of Organic Molecules
How to Pin Insects for Display in a Collection

Animal Care

Report on Dog Ownership
Bathing your Dog


A Guide to the Evaluation of Deepwater Oil Production Platforms
Informational Report on Tire Disposal And Recycling
Training Manual for Environmental Health Technicians
Silicon Micromechanical Devices
Technical Background Report on Tornado Awareness and Safety
A Technical Report on Evaluating Natural Fractures in Formations Using Core Analysis and 4 Wire-Line Well Logs
Proposal Background Information Report on Tire Disposal Management and Alternatives to Present Methods of Tire Disposal
Report on Feasibility of Building a Biosphere Lab on the Ocean Floor
An Examination of the Hurricane
A Technical Report on the Preservation of a Bird Using Taxidermal Methods
Report on Generation and Disposal of Hazardous Wastes
Report on Preliminary Instructions for Analyzing Lead Concentrations in Kaolinite Particles
Report on the Environment's Dilemma
Report on Land Disposal of Hazardous Wastes
The Effect of Gaseous Discharge Lighting on the Environment
Training Manual for Environmental Health Technicians
Report on Petroleum Exploration Using Seismic Reflection Methods
Proposal for Original Research on Recycling of Dioxin and Furan
Analysis of Wastewater Treatment Systems for the City of Utopia
Report on Soil Vapor Extraction Technology
Report on Smart Switches: Occupancy Sensors
Report on Causes and Effects of Acid Rain
Report on Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion Kit III (Mickit III)
Laboratory Manual for the Brazos River Authority Temple-Belton Regional Sewerage System
Report on Land Disposal of Hazardous Wastes
Recommendations on Proposed Alternatives to Extend the Life of the Current Landfill Facility


Report on Hydroponics Systems
Report on the Uses of Herbs in the Home
Organic Methods of Controlling Common Vegetable-Garden Pests
Report on Drip-Irrigation Methods
Transplanting Your Favorite Plants
Planting and Caring for a Spring Garden
How to Build a Leaf Shredder
Report on Composting Methods

Computer Science

Report on Computerization of Howard's Super Store
Feasibility Report on the Implementation of an Electronic Data Interchange Program for Dell Computer Corporation
Report on the Comdata Network
Feasibility Report on the Merits of Computerized Management Systems for Genuine Parts Company
Report on the Feasibility of the Purchase of Personal Computers by Undergraduate Students
Report on Computerized Topography Scanner CT 9800
Peak Performance from Your Hard Disk Drive
Building Your Own Personal Computer
Report on Integrated Circuits: Monolithic Fabrication
Computer Systems That Recognize Human Speech
User-Friendly Instruction Manual for Microsoft Word for Windows
Acceptance Testing of Scanning Electron Microscopes for the Semiconductor Industry
Report on Computer-Aided Design
Recycling Report on Computer Programming Languages Basic, Pascal, and C
Report on Upgrading Computer Systems for Optical Discs
Computer System Maintenance Procedures
Report on How to Use CorelDRAW, with Quick Reference Guide
Report on Windows 95 with Mobile Computing
A Simplified Manual for the Java Programming Language
Creating a Data-Entry Form in Paradox What is CD ROM?
Using Word Processors Utilities
Operate Guideline for the Respiratory Assignment Database, Version 2.0
A Quick-Reference Guide on HP200LX Palmtop for Arc Traffic Data Collection

College Affairs

Report on Developing and Implementing a Nutrition Course at Buk College
Report on State of Affairs in College Athletics
Manual of College Credit Refund Procedures for Austin Community College
Performance Evaluation and/or Cost Analysis of Pilot Programs for the Inclusion of Students with Disabilities in Regular/General Education
Feasibility Report on an Introductory Course in CAD/CAM for Engineering Design Graphics Department Austin Community College


Technical Report on the Identification of Jesus
Technical Analysis of Miracles
Historical Basis for Events in the Old Testament

Nuclear Engineering

A Republic of Insects and Grass: The Aftermath of a Nuclear War
Report on the Physical Effects of a Nuclear Detonation
Nuclear Weapons Made Easy

Energy Resources and Issues

Report on Evaluating Wind-Powered Electrical Generation Systems
Report on Hydrogen as a Primary Automotive Fuel
Report on Solar Energy Heating Systems
Report on Efficient Residential Solar Heating Devices for the Austin Area
A Report on Nuclear Fission: The New Power Generating System
A Technical Report on Micro Hydropower
Report on Three Possible Routes for Nuclear Power
Residential Rooftop Silicon Solar Cell Power Systems

Computer Engineering

Report on Cache Memory
Time Division Multiple Access and Code Division Multiple Access in Cellular Communication
Report on Faster Draft Copies for a Moderate Price: Some Recommendations
Report on the Inner Working of Disks
Setting up the Communications for the Hand-Held Device
Installation of Terminal and Laser Reader

Technical Writing

Guidelines for Writing Electrical Engineering Specifications
Design Guidelines for the Glenlake Neighborhood Newsletter
Writing Specifications: What Electrical Engineers Should Know

Land Building

Development Assessment of Lot 1, Block A, Anderson Mill West Subdivision, Section Nine-A

Social Sciences

Report on Analysis of the Texas and Kentucky Court Systems
Report on Inside a Dream Research Laboratory
Report on a Simple Suit for the Dissolution of Marriage
Manual for Closeouts on Government Contracts
Publication of Helpful Hints for Public Relations
Feasibility Report on Privatization of the Postal Service
Proposal on Thematic Science Curriculum in Middle and Junior High Schools in Texas
Proposal for a Passengers Guide to Acrophobia
Report on Juvenile Crime
Report on Understanding Juvenile Gangs
Conflict Management
Laundry Made Simple for the First Time on Your Own
Training Guide on Tactics of Hostage Rescue
Inter-Office Memorandum at Law
Report on Central East Austin Caregivers Project
Industrial Accident Board IAB's
How to Prepare GED Test Results
How to File for Accounting Department
Mentor Program Handbook
Report on the Need for an Increase in Teacher Salaries


Report on the History of NASA's Manned Space Missions
Report on the Development of the Space Shuttle's Main Engines
Report on the Effects of Increased Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide
Report on the Neptunium Atmosphere
Report on Stealth Aircraft
Report on Expeditions to Nepal
Report on the Moon

Technical Woodworking

Hanging the Pre-Hung Door Unit
Refinishing Wood Furniture
Installing a 24"x30" Lavatory Wall Cabinet

Business Affairs

Information Systems Services Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corporation
Report on Federal Financial Assistance: A Parent's Guide
Report on Make Your Mortgage Choice Personal
Report on Performance Accounting's Major Design Concepts
The Effects of Financial Interest Groups on the Economy
How to Send a Western Union Money Transfer
Starting a Mail Order Business
Report on Statistical Process Tools
Payroll System Automation
A Technical Background/Instruction Manual Entitled Getting Started at Ginny's
Report on Interpretation of Stock Market Transaction Quotations
Report on Working Guide to the Americans with Disabilities Act for Small Businesses
Business Prospectus for Lolly's Professional Mart
Report on Desktop Publishing in a Small Business

Daycare Program

Report on At-Work Daycare
Report on Incorporation of a Child Care Center for the Employees of Texas Commerce Bank

Mechanical Engineering

Report on Stirling Engine Development for Automotive Applications
Report on Making of the Diode
Report on the Video Alert and Control Dashboard System
Report on Industrial Robots
Proposal: Vehicle Maintenance Program for Speedy Delivery Service
Instructional Report on Mobile Motorcycle Training Unit
Report on Fax Automation
Report on Operating Procedures for a Microfilm Camera Operator
Report on Surface-Mount Technology and Repair
Instruction Manual for Rebuilding Jaguar 3.8 and 4.2-Liter Engines
Report on Semiconductor Water Fabrication
Report on Automobile Feasibility Study Report on Surface-Mount Technology and Repair
Report on A Design for Constructing High-Accuracy Loudspeakers
Report on Rear-Seat Airbags
Report on Installation of Automated Tool Inventory Systems
Manual for 35-Foot Flare and Control System
Report on Maintenance for the Sanyo VCR VHR-5416
Instructions on CON-MAG Removal and Installation
Instructions: Partial Disassembly and Cleaning of Colt .45 M1911A1 Semi-Automatic Pistol
Report on Valve Covers
Instructions on How to Change the ARC Lamp in the Coherent-General 817 Laser Engraver
Report on Holographic Non-Destructive Technology
Report on Proper and Safe use of the Hydrocollator
Report on Burglar Alarms Are They a Good Deterrence?
Changing the Oil of a Chevrolet
Use and Care of the Binocular Microscope
Brightfield Microscope Care and Components
Operating the Emerson VHS VCR875
How to Clean an Ithica Model 37 Shotgun
How to Copy Video Tape Copy
How to Install a Car Stereo
Report on the Modern Transistors
Proposal to Sematech The AME 8330 Plasma Metal Etcher
How a Steam Under Pressure Sterilizer Works
Setting up a Split Beam Transmission Hologram
Installing a Pair of Nerf Bars
How to Operate the Super Nintendo
Making Measurements with the Micronta LCD Digital Multimeter
The Model 550 SR Flame Monitor
How to Assemble the Murry #20 Lawnmower
How to Replace the Toilet Tank Repair Kit
Building a Portable, 4'x 4'x 4' Compost Bin
How to Change the Oil in an Automobile
The Full-Wave Rectifier
Mulligan's Steel Triceratops: Assembly Instructions
Assembling the Crayfish Ventilation Apparatus
How to Operate the Sunbeam Rechargeable Hand Mixer
Installing a Water Softener
The Assembly and Installation of the Mark II (light fixture)
How to Repair a Microwave Oven
How to Program a TV with a Remote Control Unit
How to Install a New Starter
Class Probe Test Sites
How to Compose a Multiple Paste-Up
Instructions for the General Electric Digital Clock Radio
Operating your Brinks Home Security System
How to Operate the ADC SS-300SL Equalizer
How to Do a Brake Job
Basics Steps for Using the VAX/VMS System
Procedure for Starting an Electric Pump Station

Telephone Services

Roller Mail Instructions
Operating the Panasonic Automatic Telephone Answering System from a Remote Phone


How to Build a Basic String Puppet
How to Build your Child's Toybox from Scratch

Highway Systems

Report on Stassney Lane and Interstate 35 Intersection

Outdoor Sports

Instruction for Performing a Static Line Square Parachute Jump
Packing Instructions for Acme Parachutes Acme-Air 1
Tennis Equipment Essentials
The Art of Sailing


How to Decorate Your Favorite T-Shirt

Meteorological Science

Meteorological Applications of Doppler Radar

Home Improvement

The Process of Building a Pool
Installation of the Regal Line of Combination Doorknob and Deadbolt Kits
Quick and Easy Shelving for Storage in the Residential Garage
Self-Cleaning Oven Instructions
The Back Yard Multi-Table

Fine Art

Student's Guide to Airbrush
How to Make a Clay Sculpture
Report on the Manufacturing Process, Applications, and Cost of Cultured Marble
Application for Interactive Database Catalog of Ceramic Whole-Vessel Collection at the Texas Archeological Research Laboratory
Procedures for Matting Artwork for Austin Community College Commercial Art and Design Classes

Raw Material

Report on Texas Cotton: A World Traveler


Aerial Photography: An Intern's Handbook
Report on Operating Procedures for a Microfilm Camera Operator
Report on Processing Black and White Pictures at Home


Report on the Tae Kwon Do Curriculum of Jhoon Rhee


Report on Implementation of a Wellness Program
Report on Instructions for Polishing Samples Using Dac Cloths
Report on the SGD/O Density Gauge
Report on the Saccharin Controversy: A Summary with Recommendations
GE Borazon Insert Durability: Current Results and Recommendation to Continue Testing
Report on Installation of the Pid Option on the Hall 1000
Report on Insulin Infusion Systems
Report on Immortality Through Cryonics
Time Report Automation
The Texas Carousel
Manual for Department 1511 Production Expediter
Report on Joint Venture of ACC and Garcia Venture's, Inc.
Report on GPS: Let A Star Tell You Where You Are
Report on Supersend-It Product

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