Researched Technical Report Assignment

The following describes the requirements for the technical report (the one that is due toward the end of this course).

Caution: I will not accept this final report unless you have done the proposal project, which proposes to write this report. (And I will not accept the proposal unless you have written an acceptable report memo earlier in the semester.)

Requirements for the Final Report

Your final report must contain the following:

Note: All references to the "textbook" refer to the online textbook. Use it for guidelines and requirements for things like headings, lists, notices, highlighting, tables, figures, and the types of documents covered in this course.

As you plan and write your technical report, use the following as a list of requirements:

Naming and Sending Your Report

If your report consists of more than one file, compress those files into a single file. If you've not used compression software to "zip" file, see compressing files. To work effectively as a technical writer, you must be comfortable with this technique.

Name your file with your handle and _final, for example, davidmc_final.docx. If it's a compressed (zipped) files, _final, for example,, or whatever extension your compression software uses.

Note: To be safe, keep a safe copy of this and all other assignments. Expect to receive confirmation from your instructor that your e-mail attachments have been received. If you don't receive e-mail confirmation in 3 or 4 days, get in touch with your instructor.

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