Special Project: Technologies
for Under-Developed Areas

You are CEO of a company called Third World Technologies. The Peace Corps has sent out an RFP for a report that summarizes new technologies in the following topics for under-developed areas of the world:

Specifically, the Peace Corps want to know about the range of simple, inexpensive devices that have been developed in the past ten years that will help people in under-developed have the amenities afforded by the new devices. The Peace Corps is looking for a separate report on each of these topics so alll you have to do is just pick one.

You know that Gizmag.com puts out a daily listing of articles that include devices like these but in a very unsuitable breezy journalistic manner. Your job would be to research and summarize these devices, using the Gizmag.com articles as a starting place:


You would not be able to write a decent report using just the information in the Gizmag articles. You would need to look into the sources that the Gizmag articles cite, contact the companies that produce the devices, and so on.

I imagine the structure of this report as being very simple. One possibility would be an introduction, a background section on the specific problem (for example, lack of safe water) then a section on the technologies with subsections on each of the specific technologies that address the problem.

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