xtotal: 100 Grammar & Mechanics Review 1

Grammar & Mechanics Review 1

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Each chapter includes an exercise based on Appendix A, Grammar and Mechanics Guide: Competent Language Usage Essentials (C.L.U.E.). This appendix is a business communicator's condensed guide to language usage, covering 50 of the most used and abused language elements. It also includes a list of frequently misspelled words as well as a list of confusing words.

Note: These exercises will be sent to my private e-mail, hcexres@prismnet.com, which provides a better way to review and comment.

  1. Because you will be entering a fast-paced, competitive, and highly connected digital environment. Communication and technology skills are critical to your career success.
  1. Such skills are particularly significant now. When jobs are scarce and competition is keen.
  1. During a recession many candidates vie for fewer jobs, however candidates with exceptional communication skills will imme- diately stand out.
  1. Although we cannot predict the kinds of future jobs that will be available, they will undoubtedly require brainpower and education.
  1. In traditional companies decisions must move through many levels of managers, in flat organizations decisions can be made more quickly.
  1. Millions of workers no longer report to nine-to-five jobs. Thanks largely to advances in high-speed and wireless Internet access.
  1. Knowledge workers must be able to explain their decisions they must be critical thinkers.
  1. The grapevine can be a powerful source of information. Although it increasingly operates informally through social media.
  1. Ethical companies experience less litigation, and they also are the target of less government regulation.
  1. Ethics is a hot topic and trend in the workplace, however making ethical decisions is not always easy.

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