xtotal: 100 Grammar & Mechanics Review 11

Grammar & Mechanics Review 11

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Review Guides 47-50 about number usage in Appendix A, Grammar and Mechanics Guide, beginning on page A-1. In the blanks below, revise the following sentences to correct number usage errors. Sentences may have more than one error. If a sentence is correct, write C. When you finish, check your answers on page Key-1.

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  1. One creditable study revealed that thirty percent of jobs go to companies inside candidates.
  1. Networking is said to be the key to finding a job, however, its easier said then done.
  1. Some job seekers paid five hundred dollars each to attend twelve sessions that promised expert job-searching advise.
  1. To excel at networking an easy to remember e-mail address is a must for a candidate.
  1. My friend asked me if I had all ready prepared a thirty second elevator speech?
  1. When Rachel and myself were collecting data for the report we realized that twitter and Facebook could be significant.
  1. Todays workers must brush up their marketable skills other- wise they may not find another job after being laid off.

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