xtotal: 100 Grammar & Mechanics Review 15

Grammar & Mechanics Review 15

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Each of the following sentences has a total of three errors in grammar, punctuation, capitalization, usage, or spelling. In the blanks below, write a correct version. Avoid adding new phrases or rewriting sentences in your own words. When finished, compare your responses with the key beginning on page Key-3.

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  1. When searching for jobs candidates discovered that the resume is more likely to be used to screen candidate's then for making hiring decisions.
  1. Todays employers use sights such as Facebook to learn about potential employees. Which means that a job seeker must maintain a professional online presence.
  1. To conduct a safe online job search, you should: (a) Use only reputable job boards, (2) keep careful records, and (c) limit the number of sites on which you post your resume.
  1. If I was you I would shorten my resume to 1 page and include a summary of qualifications.
  1. Mitchell wondered whether it was alright to ask his professor for employment advise?
  1. At last months staff meeting team members examined several candidates resumes.
  1. Rather then schedule face to face interviews the team investigated videoconferencing.
  1. 11 applicants will be interviewed on April 10th, consequently, we may need to work late to accommodate them.
  1. Although as many as twenty-five percent of jobs are found on the Internet the principle source of jobs still involves networking.
  1. If Troy had went to the companies own website he might have seen the position posted immediately.

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