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Grammar & Mechanics Review 16

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Each of the following sentences has a total of three errors in grammar, punctuation, capitalization, usage, or spelling. In the blanks below, write a correct version. Avoid adding new phrases, starting new sentences, or rewriting in your own words. When finished, compare your responses with those in the key beginning on page Key-3.

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  1. In interviewing job candidates recruiters have the following three purposes, assessing their skills, discussing their experience and deciding whether they are a good fit for the organization.
  1. Jack wondered how many companys use the Internet to check candidates backgrounds?
  1. Despite the heavy use of e-mail most employers. use the tele- phone to reach candidates and set up there interviews.
  1. Most interviews usualy cover the same kinds of questions, therefore smart candidates prepare for them.
  1. If your job history has gaps in it be prepared to explain what you did during this time, and how you kept up to date in your field.
  1. Interviewing is a two way street and candidates should be prepared with there own meaningful questions.
  1. Emma was asked whether she had a bachelors degree, and whether she had three years experience.
  1. If you are consentious and want to create a good impression be sure to write a thank you message after a job interview.
  1. When Marias interview was over she told friends that she had done good.
  1. Maria was already to send a thank-you message, when she realized she could not spell the interviewers name.

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