xtotal: 100 Grammar & Mechanics Review 2

Grammar & Mechanics Review 2

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Review Guides 4-10 in Appendix A, Grammar and Mechanics Guide, beginning on page A-3. In the blanks below, revise the following sentences to correct any errors in verb use. If a sentence is correct, write C.

Note: These exercises will be sent to my private e-mail, hcexres@prismnet.com, which provides a better way to review and comment.

  1. Jeremy said he wished he was president for just one day.
  1. Better decisions and faster response time explains why compa- nies are using teams.
  1. Either the team leader or the manager are going to schedule the meeting.
  1. Conflict and disagreement is normal and should be expected in team interactions.
  1. Everything in the company.s e-mails and written records were made public during the trial.
  1. A committee of faculty and students are examining strategies to improve campus interviewing.
  1. Each of the employees was given the opportunity to chose a team to join.
  1. The appearance of e-mail messages, memos, and reports have a negative or positive effect on receivers.
  1. Although three team members proofread the report, no one seen the error.
  1. During job interviews one of the most frequently requested soft skills are writing proficiency.

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