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Grammar & Mechanics Review 5

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Review Guides 21-26 about commas in Appendix A, Grammar and Mechanics Guide, beginning on page A-10. In the spaces below, revise the following sentences to correct errors in comma usage. If a sentence is correct, write C. When you finish, check your answers on page Key-1.

Note: These exercises will be sent to my private e-mail, hcexres@prismnet.com, which provides a better way to review and comment.

  1. Informal research methods include looking in the files talking with your boss and interviewing the target audience.
  1. When you prepare to write any message you need to anticipate the audience's reaction.
  1. By learning to distinguish between dependent and independent clauses you will be able to avoid serious sentence faults.
  1. Some business messages require sensitivity and writers may prefer to use passive-voice instead of active-voice verbs.
  1. We hired Davida Michaels who was the applicant with the best qualifications as our new marketing manager.
  1. Our business was incorporated on August 1, 2008 in Phoenix Arizona.
  1. The new online business by the way is flourishing and is expected to show a profit soon.
  1. After he graduates Dustin plans to move to Atlanta and find work there.
  1. Last fall our company introduced policies regulating the use of cell phones instant messaging and e-mail on the job.
  1. The problem with many company telecommunication policies is that the policies are self-policed and never enforced.

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