xtotal: 100 Grammar & Mechanics Review 7

Grammar & Mechanics Review 7

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Review Guides 31-38 about apostrophes and other punctuation in Appendix A, Grammar and Mechanics Guide, beginning on page A-14. In the spaces below, revise the following sentences to correct errors in comma usage. If a sentence is correct, write C. When you finish, check your answers on page Key-2.

Note: These exercises will be sent to my private e-mail, hcexres@prismnet.com, which provides a better way to review and comment.

  1. Employees were asked not to use the companys computers to stream video.
  1. James blog discussed the overuse of the Reply All button. Would you please give me directions to your downtown headquarters?
  1. Her colleagues resented Melissa copying everyone on her messages.
  1. The three top sales reps, Erik, Rachel, and Erin received substantial bonuses.
  1. You must replace the ink cartridge see page 8 in the manual, before printing.
  1. Tyler wondered whether all sales managers databases needed to be updated.
  1. (Direct quotation) The death of e-mail, said Mike Song, has been greatly exaggerated.
  1. In just two years time, the number of people e-mailing on mobile devices nearly doubled.
  1. The staffing meeting starts at 10a.m. sharp, doesn't it.
  1. Would you please give me directions to your downtown headquarters?

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