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Grammar & Mechanics Review 8

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Review Guides 39-46 about capitalization in Appendix A, Grammar and Mechanics Guide, beginning on page A-16. In the spaces below, revise the following sentences to correct errors in comma usage. Sentences may have more than one error. If a sentence is correct, write C. When you finish, check your answers on page Key-2.

Note: These exercises will be sent to my private e-mail, hcexres@prismnet.com, which provides a better way to review and comment.

  1. Our corporate Vice President and President met with several Directors on the west coast to discuss how to develop Apps for facebook.
  1. All virgin atlantic airlines passengers must exit the plane at gate 2B in terminal 4 when they reach seattle-tacoma international airport.
  1. The secretary of state of the united states urged members of the european union to continue to seek peace in the middle east.
  1. My Cousin, who lives in the midwest, has a big mac and a dr. pepper for Lunch nearly every day.
  1. Our Sales Manager and Director of Operations thought that the Company should purchase a new nordictrack treadmill for the Fitness room.
  1. The World's Highest Tax Rate is in belgium, said professor du-babcock, who teaches at the city university of hong kong.
  1. Rachel Warren, who heads our consumer services division, has a Master.s Degree in Marketing from ohio university.
  1. Please consult figure 2.3 in chapter 2 to obtain u.s. census bureau population figures for the northeast.
  1. Last Summer did you see the article titled .the global conse- quences of using crops for fuel.?
  1. Michael plans to take courses in Management, Economics, and History in the Spring.

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