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Business Communications: Guffey Chapter 10 Quiz

Answer the questions in this quiz to see how well you've read and understood Guffey, Business Communication (8th ed.) chapter 10. If necessary, retake this quiz until you make at least 90% .

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  1. Persuasion
    is a symbolic process.
    involves an attempt to influence.
    requires the transmission of a message.
    All answer choices are correct. (p. 328)
  2. Which of the following statements about persuasion in the twenty-first century is not accurate?
    The volume and reach of persuasive messages have exploded.
    Persuasive messages are being sent at faster speeds.
    Persuasive techniques are less subtle and misleading.
    Organizations of all kinds are in the persuasion business. (pp. 329-330)
  3. Siville is writing a persuasive message to potential customers and opens with the following sentence: You can reduce your monthly car insurance by 20 percent or more. What type of attention getter is he using?
    A description of the problem
    A compliment
    A reader benefit
    An unexpected statement (p. 334)
  4. The best persuasive requests
    offer a product more cheaply than all other competitors.
    anticipate audience resistance.
    focus solely on direct audience benefits.
    are spoken rather than written. (p. 335)
  5. Which of the following situations would require a persuasive claim or complaint message?
    Dana noticed that the charger cord for the Samsung smartphone that she purchased last month is starting to split.
    Teresa ordered business cards that were printed on the wrong color of cardstock.
    Lynette's transmission failed two months after her car warranty expired.
    Paul's December credit card statement contains a $65 charge that he didn't make. (p. 339)
  6. When writing a claim message to a company, you're more likely to be successful if you
    appeal to the company's sense of responsibility and pride in its good name.
    threaten to picket the company.
    mention the discussion you had with your attorney regarding your claim.
    provide a long, fact-filled account of all your dealings with the company concerning this claim. (p. 339)
  7. Which of the following will most likely require persuasion within an organization?
    A supervisor must inform her staff of the new procedure to report overtime hours.
    A team leader tells other team members how to upload information to the company website.
    An employee proposes a tuition reimbursement program to the company's board of directors.
    The CEO invites all employees to a holiday party. (p. 342)
  8. Mackenzie wants to convince her supervisor to invest in iPads for the sales staff. What advice should Mackenzie follow in her persuasive message?
    Provide a picture of the iPad she is proposing.
    Tell her supervisor how happy she and the others on the sales staff would be with iPads.
    Show how the iPads will improve the ability of sales staff to stay in touch with clients, resulting in greater productivity and higher sales.
    Outline some of the features of the iPads. (p. 342)
  9. The most effective sales messages follow this pattern:
    gain attention, build interest, elicit desire and reduce resistance, motivate action.
    gain attention, motivate action, elicit desire and reduce resistance, build action.
    gain attention, elicit desire and reduce resistance, build interest, motivate action.
    build interest, gain attention, elicit desire and reduce resistance, motivate action. (p. 346)
  10. Katie is writing a sales message to advertise the services of her travel agency. In the message she mentions rest, relaxation, and exotic beaches. Katie is using what type of appeal?
    Rational appeal
    Emotional appeal
    Dual appeal
    Logical appeal (pp. 347-348)
  11. The best press releases
    concentrate only on advertising a company's products.
    emphasize the most important information by placing it near the end.
    use the journalistic approach by answering the five Ws and one H in the opening sentence.
    focus on information that appeals to a target audience. (p. 355)
  12. The most important ingredient of a press release is the
    opening paragraph. (p. 355)
  13. Persuasive techniques in the digital age are more complex and impersonal. (p. 330)
  14. Persuasive requests are likely to be longer than direct requests. (p. 335)
  15. A persuader is effective only when he or she is believable. (p. 338)
  16. To be persuasive in a claim message, you should suggest that the receiver intentionally deceived you or intentionally created the problem. (p. 339)
  17. Informational messages from superiors to subordinates about procedures, equipment, or customer service should be organized directly. (p. 342)
  18. True
  19. Smart companies focus exclusively on e-marketing because direct-mail marketing is obsolete and ineffective. (p. 345)
  20. An effective location for your strongest motivator is in the postscript to a sales message.
  21. (p. 350)
  22. An effective press release focuses on benefits to the audience of the target media and is written in the style of the targeted publication or newscast. (p. 355)


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