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Business Communications: Guffey Chapter 5 Quiz

Answer the questions in this quiz to see how well you've read and understood Guffey, Business Communication (8th ed.) chapter 5. If necessary, retake this quiz until you make at least 90%.

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  1. Phase 2 of the 3-x-3 writing process begins with
    gathering necessary information.
    deciding how to organize the message.
    writing the rough draft.
    analyzing the purpose and audience. (p. 151)
  2. Which of the following is an informal research method?
    Searching the Web
    Looking in company files
    Conducting a scientific experiment to gather information under controlled circumstances
    Searching for information in public and college libraries (p. 152)
  3. Which of the following scenarios would most likely require a scientific experiment?
    A research firm wants to find out how many parents plan to send their children to private schools.
    A company wants to measure reactions to the price of a new energy drink to learn how much consumers would be willing to pay.
    A student wants to find out how a business leader got her start in the industry.
    A development team has to decide which of four possible locations would be best for a new fast-food restaurant. (p. 153)
  4. According to communication experts, the greatest failing of business writers is
    poor organization.
    bad spelling.
    haphazard punctuation.
    overconfidence. (p. 155)
  5. All of the following are advantages of the direct strategy except
    encouraging a fair hearing.
    saving the reader time.
    setting a proper frame of mind.
    reducing frustration. (p. 157)
  6. Which of the following should be organized using the indirect strategy?
    An e-mail message to customers about a free shipping offer
    A letter to members of a professional organization telling them about an upcoming event
    A letter offering a position to a job applicant
    An e-mail message to employees telling them that overtime will be eliminated (p. 158)
  7. Which of the following is a compound sentence?
    Because Chondra cannot attend today's meeting, Tom will act as the team's leader.
    Before the meeting ended, Sofia shared her new product idea; consequently, her ideas were included in the meeting minutes.
    Raymond applied for the position, and he was called for an interview two days later.
    Send your resume to our human resources director. (p. 159)
  8. Which of the following is a sentence fragment?
    Although we anticipate sales to increase next quarter.
    Sales are expected to increase next quarter.
    Although we expect sales to increase next quarter, we will not be hiring additional employees.
    We will not be hiring additional employees right now. (p. 160)
  9. You should use active voice
    for most business writing.
    to emphasize an action rather than a person.
    to de-emphasize negative news.
    to conceal the doer of the action. (pp. 162-163)
  10. Which of the following sentences demonstrates parallelism?
    In my current position, I interact with customers, input orders, and am responsible for updating the company's Facebook page.
    Our new CEO's objectives are to improve employee morale, to boost revenues, and to enhance community relations.
    Collecting, organizing, and documentation.these are important steps in researching a problem.
    The person we hire for this position should be flexible, reliable, and have good organizational skills. (p. 163)
  11. Which of the following statements about paragraphs is most accurate?
    A paragraph is a group of sentences about one idea.
    The primary idea should always appear first in a paragraph.
    Well-constructed paragraphs can discuss more than one topic.
    All answer choices are accurate. (p. 165)
  12. You can build paragraph coherence by
    incorporating pronouns.
    using transitional expressions such as therefore, however, and then.
    dovetailing sentences.
    All answer choices can enhance paragraph coherence. (p. 167)
  13. Talking with your boss to gather information is an example of an informal research method. (p. 152)
  14. A well-organized message helps the reader understand relationships and accept the writer's view. (p. 155)
  15. The topic sentence of a paragraph must always appear first. (p. 165)
  16. In the direct strategy, the main idea comes first, followed by details, explanation, or evidence. In the indirect strategy, the main idea follows the details, explanation, and evidence. (p. 156)
  17. If you have any new ideas is an example of a simple sentence. (p. 159)
  18. Matthew uses Sprint as his cell phone carrier Stephanie prefers Verizon is a run-on sentence. (p. 160)
  19. Sentences that average 20 words are most effective for business writing. (p. 161)
  20. Placing the main idea first or last in a sentence is a good way to emphasize it. (p. 162)


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