Plagiarism, Paraphrasing, and Citing Sources (Obj. 4)

One of the biggest challenges for student writers is paraphrasing secondary sources correctly to avoid plagiarism.

Your Task. For the following, read the original passage. Analyze the paraphrased version. List the instances of plagiarism. Then write an improved version. (Remember that sentence-by-sentence paraphrase is considered plagiarism. You have to reconstructure the original in your own words.)

Original Passage Developing casual online game titles can be much less risky than trying to create a game that runs on a console such as an Xbox. Casual games typically cost less than $200,000 to produce, and production cycles are only six months to a year. There.s no shelf space, packaging, or CD production to pay for. Best of all, there's more room for innovation. (Source: Reena, J. (2006, October 16). Enough with the shoot-.em-ups. BusinessWeek, p. 92.)

Paraphrased Passage The development of casual online games offers less risk than creating games running on Xbox and other consoles. Usually, casual games are cheaper, costing under $200,000 to create and 6 to 12 months to produce. Developers save on shelf space, packaging, and CD production too. Moreover, they have more freedom to innovate.

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