Evaluating Your Qualifications (Objs. 1.3)

Your Task. Prepare four worksheets that inventory your qualifications in these areas: employment, education, capabilities and skills, and honors and activities. Use active verbs when appropriate and specific nouns that describe job titles and skills.

  1. Employment. Begin with your most recent job or internship. For each position list the following information: employer; job title; dates of employment; and three to five duties, activities, or accomplishments. Emphasize activities related to your job goal. Strive to quantify your achievements.
  2. Education. List degrees, certificates, and training accomplishments. Include courses, seminars, and skills that are relevant to your job goal. Calculate your grade point average in your major.
  3. Capabilities and skills. List all capabilities and skills that qualify you for the job you seek. Use words and phrases such as skilled, competent, trained, experienced, and ability to. Also list five or more qualities or interpersonal skills necessary for success in your chosen field. Write action statements demonstrating that you possess some of these qualities. Empty assurances aren.t good enough; try to show evidence (Developed teamwork skills by working with a committee of eight to produce a...).
  4. Awards, honors, and activities. Explain any awards so that the reader will understand them. List campus, community, and professional activities that suggest you are a well-rounded individual or possess traits relevant to your target job.

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