Mechanics Review 1

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In the space provided, revise the following sentences, and press Post revisions. (If something should be italicized, use _ before and after it.)

  1. In todays average buziness office employes spend approximately 60% of there time processing documents.
  1. My friend and me was serprised to learn that more information has been produced in the last thirty years then in the previous five thousand years.
  1. A typical Manager by the way reads 1,000,000 words every week. Which is equal to reading one and a half full length novels everyday.
  1. If you are defining communication a principle element are the transmission of information and meaning.
  1. When Ms Diaz had 3 messages to send she chose e-mail because it was definitly the most fastest comunication channel.
  1. 5 factors that make up your unique frame of reference are the following. Experience, Education, Culture, Expectations and Personality.
  1. Just between you and I whom do you think will be reccomended for the award.
  1. To many workers balancing family and work demands are more important then earning big salarys.
  1. Matt felt that he done good on the exam but he wants to do even better when its given again next Fall.
  1. The grapevine may be a excelent source of employe information however it should not replace formal lines of communication.

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