ETWR 1378 Administrative Policy Writing:

Upload Form

Upload Form

You cannot upload a file that is larger than 5242880 bytes (5 megabytes). If you do not know how to check the size of the file you want to upload, no problem—try anyway. (Just remember: the bigger the file, the longer the wait.)

Unfortunately, kilobyte numbers (KB) are not the same as byte numbers; some applications like Windows Explorer round these values off: for example, Windows Explorer shows 2249 bytes as 3 KB; 1,884,169 byes as 1,841 KB.

Go to byte converter to convert byte counts to kilobytes or vice versa. (The converter opens in a separate browser window.)

If you fill in the display-title and description fields, you will see the format for adding a link to your schedule, policies, or resources page.

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