ETWR 1378 Administrative Policy Writing:
Personal Memos

Compose a two or three page memo on your personal background, including only those details you don't mind sharing with the class. This is not a formal writing assignment. Just introduce yourself. I am particularly interested in your professional background and goals. I am also interested in any unique experiences that you bring to this class generally or that deal with any branch or agency of the government.

In order to practice writing in a professional style (which is important for governmental writing), this memo should be written in the format of a business memo. If you are unfamiliar with this format, use this template.

As with all writing assignments in this class, the memo should be written in 1378 Style. For more information on 1378 Style, see the Course Objectives, Grading Plan, and Policies on the course webpage. The memo should be double-spaced and free from grammatical errors and typos. Please email the memo to me as an attachment by 11:00 p.m. by January 22. Include a reference to the assignment in the subject line. Please note that in accordance with the course policies, late papers will not be accepted.

Note: Save a copy of this memo somewhere on your own system in case something unexpected happens when you send this one.

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