Writing for the Government:
Chapter 1 Short-Answer Quiz

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  1. Most people have heard weather warning bulletins on the radio or TV. Which "impact statement" in the historic weather message from the NOAA on p. 4 do you consider to be the most unusual or attention-grabbing and why?

  2. What are the three elements the authors cite in chapter 1 as important for governmental writers to determine in order to persuade their readers?

  3. Who were the "stakeholders" of the NOAA's weather warning bulletin on p. 4?

  4. Look at the following website: http://www.co.travis.tx.us/courts/ (opens in a new browser window). What governmental entity is featured on this site? Does the intended audience for this site appear to be the general public? Give several examples of language or design on this site that support your conclusion.

  5. What are some of the formal and informal ways cited in chapter 1 that governmental entities use to get to know their audience?


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